[NOTICE] How To File Mail Fraud Charges
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[NOTICE] How To File Mail Fraud Charges

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We've been getting a string of bad traders and many of our members getting ripped off recently and it was brought to our attention instead of simply posting the link to the United States Postal Inspection Service in every thread we'd simply put up a sticky notice here at the top of the forum.

Click this link to find the online form you fill out.

Be aware it make take several months before you see any kind of action taken so simply be patient.

~ FigureRealm.com Regulators

Posted by Esbat
on Monday, August 31, 2009
User Comments
somebody1 -
Thursday, December 3, 2009
They're the traders who rip you off. We seem to be getting more than a few anymore on here.
flaksponge -
Sunday, November 29, 2009
Wow my first posts were in the trading category because I saw some stuff I liked. I couldn't find a introductions thread now I feel bad. Can I be innocent until proven guilty which I'm not guilty
joey1212 -
Wednesday, September 9, 2009
are the bad traders the dudes who just pop out of nowhere just to trade? guys who have joined just to trade then stop logging on?
Top-notch comix -
Monday, August 31, 2009
thanks. this topic has been looong comming
Esbat -
Monday, August 31, 2009
CplHicks -
Monday, August 31, 2009
Thanks Esbat!!!

Now everybody listen to me. If you are getting ripped off from a U.S trader than please file this claim!

We can not lets ourselves be ripped off and do othing about it. We need to show those who are dishonest that we will take acton!!!!

Also the U.S uses a consective punishiment system. If a person has ripped more than 1 trader here all the involed parties need to file a claim because the person will recive a greater penalty for muptiple offences.

I urge all who have been ripped off to pm the dishonest person and ell them you are going to do this. Give them a few days than if nothing arrives please file a complaint!!!!

You don't have to be powerless in these situtions! Take control ad either get your stuff or punish the person.
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