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action figure chatter

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why do you love all these action figures?and what is your age and gender?

Posted by player
on Sunday, August 16, 2009
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Scottrooper -
Tuesday, August 18, 2009
32 year old male.

I guess I've been a collector of toys since the Star Wars Power of the Force relaunch happened. That was what got me back into toys. Picked em all up as they came out for several years, but then after Episode 1 came out and it's glut of figures, I just kinda burned out. Still picked up the occassional SW figure for the movies, and stuff, but really got more involved in the 1:1 scale collecting (I.E. fan made props and costumes)

Transformers came back to me one Christmas when I stumbled across knock off sets of teh Aerial-bots, Protectobots, and Constructicons at a drug store. Then I came across mixed knock off lots containing parts of the Stunticons, Technobots, and Terrorcons. Picked up the missing figures from conventions and Ebay to complete each of those combiners, and then scored a full set of Predacon knock offs at a local comic show for $15.00 for a grand finale of my combiners collection :-D little brother got me the entire ML Sentinal wave for my birthday since he knew I was a big fan of Cyclops and the Sentinel was just cool. After that....well, I had Cyclops and Angel...I needed the rest of the original 5...then the XMC figures were around and I grabbed a Colossus...and then and then... Now I'd guess that I've got at least 1 version of nearly all the X-Men that've been produced in the ML line. And a decent chunk of the Avengers as well.

Started into the DCUC figures by scooping up a Green Lantern and Sinestro...and catching the bug...completed Solomon Grundy set and never looked back. Have 6 of the 7 "Core JLA" members (just waiting on a Manhunter)

Got hooked back in by the G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary figures and now the R.O.C. figures as well...

My office basically looks like a kids playroom :-D
Darththomas -
Tuesday, August 18, 2009
Cheers bud
somebody1 -
Tuesday, August 18, 2009
I'm feeling the same way thanks to hasbro ruining Transformers. Now I'm switchnig to GI Joe for a while lol. They're cheaper. This is like any other hobby, sometimes you just have to step back and take a break.
Blight -
Tuesday, August 18, 2009
Indeed I have Burch

My first figure was a vintage Jawa...the rest is history. I wanted anything SW I could get my hands on. When the line was revived in 95 I bought TONS of them. MOC doubles, etc. I had about 300 carded figures in 1997. Now I've seen the line through from vintage to now and I must say it's a sad state of affairs. I've also collected Marvel figures (primarily legends) and I have most of the toybiz line (hasbros efforts are meh). I also collected Batman Animated in the early 90's and I'm still a huge fan of that show. MOTU to GI JOE...I've basically stuck my nose into EVERY line. Just love toys.

Lately I gotta say I've felt a diminished interest. I think it's my lack of full time job, lack of money and being stuck looking at my collection all day that makes it get kind of boring. Its the same stuff year after year. I feel like Jack Skellington. Not too much to get excited for in this hobby anymore.

It aint what it used to be. I have fond memories of toysrus and cons in the 90's and even up until 04 but lately it feels like just going through the motions with this retail stuff. Figures look lower quality, mattel is criminals...Hasbro bought out (kenner, toybiz) my two favorite companies.
BurchCustoms -
Tuesday, August 18, 2009
I am 26 and I am a compulsive collector. a fact that blight has enjoyed recently, I am sure. my ml collection began because of colossus (one of my all-time favorites). once I had him, I wanted the rest of the x-men. buying x-men got me a couple figures into the galactus wave, so I figured I might as well finish him. the the sentinel came out. had to have him. had the sentinel, wouldn't hurt to get apocalypse as well. I now have nearly every marvel legend and about 120 customs.

when I was a kid, I got a full wave of star wars figures for christmas. have collected them since.

other than that, I just pick up cool figures from other lines which leads to me getting the rest of those lines.
nosferatu led to me having all the silent screamers.
the fellowship made it so I collected almost all of the lotr figures.
recently I bought a booster gold for a couple of pieces. had an atom smasher pice lying around. next time I was at the store realized they had the rest of the series. now I have the rest of the series.

ocd is funny, no?
joey1212 -
Tuesday, August 18, 2009
im 14(soon 15)just think, I was only 12 when I joined, where have the years gone?) I play/collect toys because it helps your imagination, unlike games which you have to follow a story, also I have the same reasons as everyone else; havn't been able to do much collecting lately...because there is no were to get stuff from!
scarlet_magpie -
Tuesday, August 18, 2009
I am 38 and have been into action figures since Star Wars figures were released as a young boy.
I don't play with them, don't really customise (just keep trying to start and kind of giving up..) I just collect them and display them.
I just bought a new house with a three room cellar, which is now going to contain glass display cabinets purely for my collection!
somebody1 -
Monday, August 17, 2009
Shin's an old fart lol. NECA just neesd to get its QC back in line.

30. I've always collected Transformers and joes since I was small but then went to comic books and video games and now I'm back.
Shinobitron -
Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm just a large fan of art and design. I love creating figures and I love to see what toy companies produce. NECA is by far the best thus far and seem to get "IT". yhat though a figure may cost $15.00 you get a quality piece that you don't feel cheated on when you purchase it.
CplHicks -
Monday, August 17, 2009
Congratz on giving up smoking
Darththomas -
Monday, August 17, 2009
Male age 27

I love figures coz they're cool, it's that simple, I would much rather have a figure from a film, game, book or whatever on my fireplace than some stupid pot dog or something along those lines.

I love customising because it gives me the chance to recreate my old toys as they were in my imagination all those years ago, also I have recently given up smoking and it gives me something to keep my mind and hands occupied. It also keeps me occupied whilst the wife is watching her really bad shows on TV
CplHicks -
Monday, August 17, 2009
I'm a male age 23 who loves love long walks along action figure iseles. I enjoy fine dining in Wal-Mart restraunts when toy hunting gets late.

I love action figures because I can own a little bit of my favorite properties whither they are movie, t.v or comic.

I enjoy the hunt and love getting deals.

I enjoy playing with them.
BurningDoom -
Monday, August 17, 2009
I'm 26. I'm a huge comic fan, I always have been ever since I can remember. Because of my love for comics, I also collect comic action figures. It's really that simple.

pock63 -
Monday, August 17, 2009
I am 13(nearly 14). I am male and love action figures for many reasons. For starters I love to pose them, I love to make them because you get to use a lot of different skills, I love to have large battles with them, and I love to buy them. The only thing I don't like about them is being made fun of as a nerd(buy the few freinds I have) because of my butifull collection.
loosecollector -
Sunday, August 16, 2009
I think it's in the wrong forum bro .

I'm a male in my early 30's, but there will always be a little child in me like all of us in here do .
I LOVE these figures because I was greatly attached to their stories and character. Much like the way I kept posters of Micheal Jordan, who has captivated my imagination through his image, moves, story, genius and overall greatness in the court. And also, they look really nice and impressive when displayed together in a very nice glass cabinet . My guests always get a kick out of seeing them. I love this hobby and will keep on doing so and am looking to pass it on to my kids, grandchildren and more generations to come.
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