what is the appeal of the 3.75 scale lines?
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what is the appeal of the 3.75 scale lines?

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They're so tiny and fragile looking, and unintimidating on the shelf, but the little bastards are ubiquitous now, I assume there's a high enough demand for them to be everywhere. I've been trying for months to build a few Avengers & X-Men teams in the Marvel Select Scale, but it's too hard trying to find figures that fit well, I'm so frustrated I'm actually considering going smaller. Who here are fans of them? what's so great about them? can I be convinced?

Posted by lordseshomaru86
on Friday, August 6, 2010
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somebody1 -
Tuesday, August 10, 2010
They've come a long way in making small figures since I was a kid in the 80s lol. nearly every country has figures in this scale. Japan seems to mostly have these, the trading arts style 4" or smaller, statues, or Play arts style 8" figures. I still like 6" inch figures sometimes but these are just as nice. The Ironman 2 figures are really nice examples of them.
lordseshomaru86 -
Monday, August 9, 2010
Well, I picked up a few of them this past week... Then a couple more... And before I knew it I was hooked. They're much more resilient than I gave them credit for, and Sephiroth was right there's much more variety in this line.

I think the best part of it all is the search itself. Every Kmart, every Wal-Mart, Target, toys-R-us has a different selection it's more fun than I thought going in not knowing what I'm gonna find

I'm a believer for sure!
somebody1 -
Friday, August 6, 2010
I used to hate this scale for figures but some of them have good detail and in the case of anime figures, which is mostly what I collect, they're just as nice and cheaper and take up less space. Plus a lot of characters don't' get full sized figures.
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