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Said best by Superman, Gotham is like someone built a nightmare out of stone and metal. It is the home to some of the world's best heroes, as well as some of it's darkest villains. This makes it the perfect place for us to put our focus on for this contest.The goal is to create a custom of a character associated Gotham. Whether it be one of it's heroes, one of it's villains, or simply one of it's residents. Everyone is fair game. Don't forget that Gotham is home to more than the Bat Family and their enemies. Some other residents to consider are Jason Blood, Hitman, Plastic Man, Simon Dark, The Question, Rag Man, Zantanna and even original Green Lantern Alan Scott.

-Any character incarnations can be used for this contest; comic, movie, video game, cartoon, or TV.

-This contest is not limited to the present day. You can make entries from any part of Gotham's timeline, past present or future. So everything from Gotham's founding by John Logerquist all the way to the era of Terry McGinnis and beyond are allowed for this contest.

-No dioramas will be allowed for this contest. While it's true there are some iconic parts of Gotham that would be good for this contest, we're going to keep the focus on the inhabitants of Gotham rather than the city itself.

-As always there are no size restrictions for this contest. You may use any sort of materials, parts, tools or techniques that you wish. Whatever gets the job done.. 

What is the contest schedule?
Begins: Contest Closed
Ends: September 15th, 2013 - Last day for submissions. No exceptions! Cut off is at midnight Central Standard Time.
Voting: September 16th - 22nd.
Managed By: Green Skin

What are the rules of the contest?
  • Please use the form here to submit your custom figure.
  • At least a paragraph description is required with your entry. This paragraph, at a minimum, should answer the following questions:
    • How was this custom customized?
    • How does the custom fit into the contest theme?
  • You may submit up to three different entries for the contest.
  • Please only submit figures that were created for this contest. Do not submit old figures from the Showcase or previous contest entries.
  • Your entry should not be posted on this website, any other website, or anywhere on the internet until the contest is completely over.
  • The pictures for your entry will remain hidden until the contest ends and the voting begins.
  • Your identity will remain hidden until after the voting completes.
  • Do not include names, logos, signatures or anything on the pictures that will give you away as the creator of the custom. We want to keep the customizer's identity a secret until the contest is over.
  • Don't wait until the last day to submit your entries. If your internet is down, or something happens beyond your control, you will miss the contest! Also keep in mind how many customs you can submit in one day. You may not be able to submit all your entries in one day.
  • The contest is purely for fun... well... and bragging rights!
How does the contest voting work?
Anyone can vote for their favorite customs in the contest, you don't even have to submit anything to the contest! You do have to be logged-in to your Figure Realm account though so we can keep track of the votes. Only appointed Figure Realm staff can see the votes, so anonymity is guaranteed. Voting begins once the entry deadline is met and lasts for a week.

It's hard to choose just one custom to vote on when there are tons of great entries, so Figure Realm has a unique voting system where you can vote on ALL the customs! When you click on an entry to view, there's a bar with buttons on it that lets you give the custom anywhere from 1 to 5 Stars. 1 Star means you think they could have done a better job on the custom while 5 Stars means you think they did a perfect job. The votes for each entry are added up when voting is closed and averaged-out to determine the winners. Also, don't abuse the system. Don't give your own custom 5 Stars and then give everyone else 1 Star to boost your rating. Remember, the votes are monitored.

Some points you might consider when casting your vote: Is the figure well-made? Is the paint smooth or crusty? Are there noticeable fingerprints on the sculpted parts? Is it an original custom? Is it accurate to the source-material (comics, photos, description in a book)? Are the pictures clear enough to see the details? Did the creator take the time to include a back-story or recipe? Is the custom so unbelievably awesome that you'd trade your dog for it?

Craftsmanship and creativity are major factors to consider, but ultimately your vote should depend on how much you like the custom, and how well you feel it fits the contest theme.

User Comments
1andonly5711 -
Monday, September 16, 2013
Hey who made that batman in the main photo. That thing is epic
Green Skin -
Tuesday, September 17, 2013
That was done by Customfig.
1andonly5711 -
Tuesday, September 10, 2013
Will diffeent version of figures and what if figures be allowed I would love to know as well
Green Skin -
Sunday, September 15, 2013
Yes, they are allowed.
Redmist -
Wednesday, September 4, 2013
So based on the rules...will elseworldy, what if-y entries be allowed?
Green Skin -
Sunday, September 15, 2013
Elseworld entries would be fine.
El Draxo -
Friday, August 16, 2013
And. Here. We. Go!
Banner/HULK Inc. -
Monday, July 29, 2013
Looks like the last Gotham City custom contest was 2005? Finally, the world of the Dark Knight returns!
Green Skin -
Tuesday, July 30, 2013
I couldn't believe how long it was.
JayBlazeXGen -
Sunday, July 28, 2013
This may be the 1st contest I enter,Im hyped,would Deathstroke be allowed?
Green Skin -
Sunday, July 28, 2013
I would say yes.
JayBlazeXGen -
Monday, July 29, 2013
Thanks for replying
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