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Robin (Total Justice)
by Dollyd81
Hi realmers,back with my latest custom figure,the boy wonder Robin!!!!Do direct Damian Wayne figure as a base,knuckle spikes sanded off.Wanted Damian in a more traditional Robin suit,kind of a combo...[See More]
Diamanta de Lara, Crown Princess of Meris (Original)
by TheTrueForesythe
Hailing from the frigid Isle of Meris, Diamanta de Lara is the Crown Princess of a proud and powerful race. She is a main character of the Laria Saga, though her true intentions are often veiled from...[See More]
Trapjaw Masters of the Universe Estrela mini comic (Masters of the Universe)
by Keldor Krypton
I just had some MOTU Loyal subjects duplicates so I thought I'd make something out of them... I decided to make the Estrela mini comic Trapjaw... I don't think we've ever seen him in figure...[See More]
Lord Raptor / Zabel (Darkstalkers)
by mazingerzeta
Cut away skeletors skirt and cowl. The remaining head was tiny! Filed down the leg armor. All the new Zabel bits were sculpted with Apoxee. This is my first custom and my sculpting and painting...[See More]
Cannonball (Marvel)
by BlackVortex75
I used angel as basefigure because of the similar head. Sculpted the straps and painted the body with classic yellow and blue...[See More]
Super Shredder (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
by Turtlebro
Toy Biz TNA Scott Steiner, Playmates vintage Super Shredder. Dremel'd out the Shredder head and glued it to the peg to retain articulation. Used a little sculpey to cover the underneath. Glued the...[See More]
Vega (Street Fighter)
by rakur
Finished this custom long time ago, in fact this is my first street fighter custom figure. Love his appearance. Challlenging parts are to make the tattoo and claw. Parts are Head: spiderman 3.75...[See More]
Robin (DC Universe)
by panji88
hi whats up guys .., this time my client asked me to make a classic robin from base body of nightwing ..., not too complicated this time because overall it was almost the same, only changes at almost...[See More]
Berserker Predator AKA Mr. Black (Predator)
by OCP001
Unfortunately, I was one of many that received a defecitive Fugitive Predator in the mail. It was going to be too taxing to return it, so I decided to used the pieces to create an updated Berserker...[See More]
Count Dooku (Star Wars)
by libertybelle
Death Star Commando body, custom head cast, Kylo cape, 3d printed hilts and Sith holocron. He has interchangeable hands so he can grip his saber or hold his holocron. Bladeless hilt has a magnet...[See More]

Captain Nomad (Avengers Infinity War) (Marvel Legends)
by fujimiya.gokunaga
Another commission work. Made from a Captain America Civil War 3-Pack. I sculpted the hair, beard, shoulder pad, star on chest, lower arm and thighs. I added some height on the thighs. then paint it....[See More]
Shredder (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
by Arrow customs
I used wwe elite triple H and added the TMNT arcade shredder parts with modifications to the head. Whole figure been repainted and small amount of sculpting....[See More]
Triceraton Soldiers (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
by Arrow customs
I used 2011 Neca Gears of war bodys repainted and added papo and Schleich Triceratops heads with a small amount of sculpting required....[See More]
Capitan America (Captain America)
by Skullface
For the attachment I added shield, back and left arm magnets. COMPONENTS: Base: THE DARK KNIGHT Batman with shoulder and chest rediscovered Head: TERMANATOR SALVATION Marcus Wright Shield: WWI Waste...[See More]
Cthulhu (Random)
by Skullface
"A monster of vaguely anthropoid outline, but with an octopus-like head whose face was a mass of feelers, a scaly, rubbery-looking body, prodigious claws on hind and fore feet, and long, narrow wings...[See More]
Zeus (Marvel Universe) (Marvel Legends)
by L&A's Customs
L&A’s Customs - When it comes to God’s and Skyfather’s, the Marvel U is not lacking. We decided to take a stab at the God that recently broke the Hulk’s ribs and is father to Hercules...We bring you...[See More]
Doctor Spectrum (Marvel Legends)
by troublemagnett
Initially I sprayed this figure with a base coat primer and then the lower half in green. I used Testors glossy acrylics for the four main colors. A little white for the eyes. The body is Malekith...[See More]
Man-Ape (Marvel Legends)
by troublemagnett
I can understand why this figure will never be made, but my Black Panther needs done comic villains. I used a Model Masters primer base coat with a lacquer overcoat. Testors silver for the hands. The...[See More]
Gwenpool (Marvel Legends)
by MrMonocle
Reworked the base figure to be more accurate to the GuriHiri artwork. Added seams and piping to the costume, reworked the paint job and small details, and resculpted and recast the head in flexible...[See More]
Frozone (Marvel Legends)
by panchopantera
Well.... once in a while we mess up in our quest to produce a presentable rendition of our favorite characters. Here is my latest flub and I have no shame in presenting it. Everything went fine...[See More]
Shard Bishop vers. II (Marvel Legends)
by Comicustoms
Here's another take on Shard Bishop. Basically the same approach as my last one, but with some slight differences. The recipient loved the 1st one so much and was bummed he didn't win it, he...[See More]

D.C. Legends: The Titans Robin concept (Marvel Legends)
by Comicustoms
Hey! Busy busy. Next up is a concept inspired by the coming Titans movie. Cast Matt Murdock head with sculpt mask, modified NF Daredevil body. Removed the shoelace details from the boots, sculpt the...[See More]

Old Republic Sith Lord (Darth Marr inspired) (Star Wars)
by Bronxstalker
So, I wanted to make an Old Republic Sith Lord, inspired by the Sith Darth Marr. Fully sculpt face mask, some body sculpt, fodder, soft goods, etc. Enjoy....[See More]

Classic Deathstroke (DC Universe)
by Bronxstalker
My latest 3.75" scale classic Deathstroke. Several Marvel figure parts, fodder, Joe weapons, sculpting, etc.....finished of with acrylic classic colors. Enjoy....[See More]

Callisto (X-Men/ Morlocks) (Marvel Legends)
by Comicustoms
Hey! Next up is a smooth take on Callisto. I think I have a soft spot for this character, based on my previous one. A simple yet effective one, I am sure Hasbros will be similar. NF Elektra head,...[See More]
Iron skull (Marvel Select)
by Lonewolves
marvel iron skull just repaint from marvel select iron man mk 42 using spray and citadel paint enjoi...[See More]
marvel select iron skull (Marvel Select)
by Lonewolves
custom marvel select iron man iron skull (red skull) I just repaint of iron man marvel select MK 42 with spray paint and citadel enjoy!!...[See More]
Custom Hitman Absolution Agent 47 (Hitman)
by PeejCald
customized ML Steve Rogers head (hair clipped and filed until bald), ML Phil Coulson body, ML black trigger hands from ebay. Guns are from NECA terminator with custom suppressor, silverballers are...[See More]
Rampage the Movie Ralph (Random)
by LearningCustoms
Mainly painted him to look more like his movie counter part. after a base coat of greys and pale browns I dry brushed some highlights on his fur before giving him a black wash to darken his colors....[See More]
Cyber akuma (Street Fighter)
by rakur
Finished this custom quite sometime ago, just have chance to upload it here. Quite challenging to make head sculpt. Parts are Head: jazware ryu and sculpt Body: jazware ryu Other: mazinger spare...[See More]
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