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Duke (G.I. Joe)
by Stronox
An updated version from my previous designs, this version of Duke comes complete with magnet to clip on secondary rifle to backpack, interchangeable head options, custom pack, binoculars, pistol,...[See More]

Corporate Machiko V2 (Alien vs Predator)
by mr.fenrir
Revisiting corporate machiko. Used the face from the neca machiko and added hair from anya stroud. Sculpted torso, shoulder pads and holster, wanted the look of a riot or swat vest this time rather...[See More]
Bebop & Rocksteady ('87 Cartoon Style) (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
by Batman1016
Hello all! Short and simple entry today. To go along with my continuing set of 1987 animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I made some modifications to the Playmates TMNT Classics Bebop and...[See More]
Korath the Pursuer (Marvel Legends)
Korath-Thak was an amazing cybergenetics and one of the architects behind the Kree's Pursuer project. The project created an energy template that would use whatever matter it touched to transform...[See More]

Jack the Drought (One Piece)
He is one of the Pirate Emperor Kaido's right hand men and Captains the Mammoth pirate ship following his Emperor's orders. After the defeat and capture of the former Warlord, Don Quixote Doflamingo,...[See More]
Karnak (The Inhumans) (Marvel Legends)
by RocketMan62
Marvel Legends Iron Fist (in white costume for body and hands); the Leader (for head); feet (random swap with black footed figure). DC Universe Classics Indigo Lantern Atom for the belt and skirt....[See More]
Gorgon (The Inhumans) (Marvel Legends)
by RocketMan62
Marvel Legends Hercules (Body); Dr. Strange (Cape - reconfigured); Random belt; Hooves made for feet from re-shaped legs part; Head piece cut out from piece of plastic cape....[See More]
Captain N the game master (Captain N: Game Master)
by Nuffsaid
If you grew up in the 80s there is a good chance your Saturday morning ritual was hop out of bed grab your favourite sugary cereal and plant yourself in front of the TV for about four hours of the...[See More]

Darth Weisvolker - White Walker Sith - A Star Wars/Game of Thrones Mashup (Star Wars)
by Weakcut
Head is a Funko Game of Thrones White Walker. Torso and legs are a Star Wars Darth Maul. Arms & hands are Star Wars Sora Bulq. The lightsaber/spear is made from a GI Joe Retaliation Blind Master...[See More]

Lansdale - Belugian Minister (Star Wars)
by Weakcut
The body, arms, and legs are a Star Wars Power of the Jedi Mas Ameda. The head is an original sculpt in Apoxy-sculpt. The gun is from a Marvel Legends Gamora. The is a race I made up call the...[See More]

Havok (Alex Summers) 90s XFactor Coste (Marvel Legends)
by deominic
Custom Marvel Legends HAVOK v2! 💥 He is an amalgamation of multiple variations of the costume he had back in the 90s. Base body is ApocWave Magneto, shoulders&collar were sculpted, and threw in a...[See More]
Kinsey Millhone (Barbie)
by actionman81
“Death always leaves unfinished business in its wake, mysteries beyond fathoming, countless unanswered questions amid the detritus of life. All the stories forgotten, the memories lost.” - Kinsey...[See More]
Bizarro (DC Universe)
by Captain_America1976
DC classic super man with parts from dc direct bizarro. Little sculpt work and paint and finished....[See More]
Drall (Marvel Universe)
by Dravenheart
This would be my fourth member of the Lethal Legion behind Captain Glory and the Blood Brothers. For history, I got nothing. She has only appeared during the No Surrender arc, but it's been implied...[See More]
Iron Lantern (Amalgam)
by Dravenheart
More Amalgam! And more recreations. I have three more main Amalgam designs I really want to make, but of course, I'm being really particular about their creation. I've noticed lately that I'm...[See More]
Conan the barbarian pit fighter variant (Marvel Legends)
by ChrisVanV
I started with a marvel legends Hercules body and removed all the accessories and head. For those I used Conan the barbarian pit fighter neca statue and stripped it. Sticky Tak for head stability and...[See More]
Archangel (Marvel Legends)
by newcollector
Already have a couple of Warren Worthington figures in my collection, but always thought this blue and white look (with Metallic wings) was really cool looking. I used a ML Boomerang with a head...[See More]
Rahm Kota (Star Wars)
by Mandalore25
Rahm Kota, as seen in the video game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, is my 500th custom action figure. Kota served as a Jedi General during the Clone Wars, but chose to lead his own Militia instead...[See More]

Carnage (Marvel Legends)
by mutant_designer
Body Sunfire marvel legends (to have a greater range of articulation), tentacles, arms, head carnage marvel legends, eyes sculpted, axe tentacles sculpted...[See More]
Mammomax (Marvel Legends)
Mammomax is a bipedal elephant-like mutant who was a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and the 198. He was killed by Predator X and the Facility. Powers and Abilities Mammomax possesses...[See More]

Punisher (Stolen Hulk Buster Armor) (Marvel Legends)
by BoreDad Customs
The Punisher has been up to no good! Stealing one of Tony Stark's Hulk Buster armors and outfitting it with much more fire power....[See More]
Kambei Shimada - Nemodian Jedi (Star Wars)
by Weakcut
The body, arms and legs are Star Wars Obi Wan Kenobi. The head is a Star Wars Nemodian Soldier. The hands are a Star Wars Kit Fisto. The has is a Star Wars Kad Bane....[See More]

Mangog (Marvel Legends)
Mangog is a being of a mysterious Alien race. It is said that he is to be the last remaining member of this race after being thwarted by Odin and Asgard. Born of the combined hate of a billion...[See More]

Hargus Sneed - Bothan Pirate (Star Wars)
by Weakcut
Body, arms and legs are a Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Mr. Gibbs. The head is unknown from a random lot of cast off resin head I got. The jacket is from an Arkham Asylum Red Hood...[See More]

Chris Benoit (Wrestling)
by SymbioteSeeker
This was a commission piece for a client/friend. I don't dwell in the wwe figures. So doing this guy I had no clue. Got a couple of references from the internet and off I went. The client wanted to...[See More]
Cyclops (Marvel Legends)
by Scott Veranos
This is an upgrade body for the Marvel Legends Cyclops, I used: - Vance Astro body - Cyclops head, hands, belt and harness (extra sculpt) - Deadpool x-men suit boots *(gpslot optical blast...[See More]
Templar Knight (Marvel Legends)
by ChrisVanV
I started with the Marvel legends Black Knight figure. It was a full repaint with some minor sculpting. Had to trim off the eagle on the helmet and even repaint the sword. Finished it off with mat...[See More]
Friday13th VIII Jason Takes Manhattan (Friday the 13th)
by Dikketoys
Neca Jason ultimate part4 with Jason Lives gloves. Used Drago arms and sculpted the details on the shoulder,body,legs and head...............................................[See More]
Marvel Legends Immortus (Marvel Legends)
by adi.batara
This is Immortus, a once mind corrupted Kang, a time travel enemy of the Avengers. Made from ML Machine Man, sculpt the big head and other details, and then paint him with acrylic paints (both brush...[See More]

Spectreman (Ultraverse)
by predator mark
Action figure made under the base of a spiderman (body) whose original head was removed. Basically, repainting. The new head was reused from a Spectreman key ring. Paint done with dry brush and spray...[See More]
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