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Silver Samurai V3 (Marvel Legends)
by Shinobitron
This is my 3rd version of the Silver Samurai and as many of you know I don't like taking the classic comic route for him. This time I merged an Ant Man series Grim Reaper with a WWE Seth Rollins...[See More]

Venom (Marvel Universe)
by Dravenheart
I've always loved Venom. I'm pretty sure he was my first real exposure to an anti-hero type character. If not, he was definitely my favorite. And I always preferred him in that role. Not quite a...[See More]

the Maxx wall art (Maxx)
by ENulmerfigs
This another wall sculpture I did of one of my favorite characters the Maxx. Made from an old frame, magic sculpt, and foil. Hope yall dig it...[See More]

Batman v Superman: Custom Armored Batman (DC Universe)
by Custom Collectibles
Custom Armored Batman from the upcoming movie Batman v Superman! Complete with a sweet new paint job and a fabric cape!...[See More]

Jessica Jones [Netflix] (Marvel Legends)
by lanshark1
She's been done by a few on here already, but I had to try her for myself. Used a head from a buffy figure, amazed at how well it came out. Believe it or not that's Legends Conan hair trimmed and...[See More]

PHANTOM LADY II Delilah "Dee" Tyler Freedom Fighters (DC Universe)
by optimusleo
I totally forgot that the Freedom Fighters had two different Phantom Girls in their time periods. So I made Dee, the second PG, who was schooled by the original one, Sandra Knight! Base: Toybiz ML...[See More]

AQUAMAN Arthur Curry with robotic & hook (DC Direct)
by optimusleo
This version of Aquaman will always be remembered because of his drastic change in personality and outfit! I really liked the hook hand. Eventually he got one more sophisticated as a...[See More]

X-Force Domino vers IV (Marvel Legends)
by Comicustoms
Hey, Realmers! Next up is my 4th take on Domino. I started with the new Red Skull series Mockingbird. Swapped out the lower abdomen/ waist with Wasp, added belt from movie Maria Hill (also her...[See More]

Wolverine - Marvel Now Costume (X-Men)
by TGC Customs
I used the Grim Reaper body, random hands, real metal class and casted head from starwarsgeek. I really liked this look for Wolverine, less is more with him in my opinion....[See More]

Captain Boomerang - Suicide Squad 2016 (DC Universe)
by TGC Customs
Bane torso, Winter Solider legs, WWE wrestler head and the rest is sclupt and paint. I'm trying to complete the entire squad before the movie opens. I'm sure he's not 100% screen accurate but I used...[See More]

VIGILANTE I Greg Saunders Seven Soldiers of Victory (DC Universe)
by optimusleo
The Seven Soldiers of Victory are a really weird team from different eras but tough enough to take on any enemy. Since I finished with The Freedom Fighters it is time for another GA team. First up...[See More]

Nitro v3 (Marvel Universe)
by Dravenheart
Ever since I got asked to fix up Nitro, he's become one of my favorites. I really wanted to revisit him, but couldn't find that Weapon X head for a decent price. Picked up an alternative from...[See More]

Black Widow (Marvel Legends)
by GoldenHand_customs
hello again? haha Here is simple custom Black Widow that I made! the base figure was blackcat. I cut her fur on the body and made collar, zipper and belts (sculpted & movable). her machine guns on...[See More]

avalanche (Marvel Universe)
by Bigoso Customs
his is a custom 3in figure of avalanche . I made this because I kinda wanted to see a 3in figure version. I will be making more comic version in this scale . thanks for looking. if you have any...[See More]

Darkstalkers Morrigan (Alternate Costume) (Capcom)
by Marvelousmisadventurez
Morrigan is one of the most iconic female video game characters, in my opinion, so naturally I had to make a custom of her. Lately I've been intrigued to do customs in an alternate color scheme. I...[See More]

Quasar v2 (Marvel Universe)
by Dravenheart
I have been swamped lately, but I can't wait to get some of these projects finished up. Super excited to share them. But, for now, I bought too many capes. Seriously. Last year I wanted to do a whole...[See More]

LOBO "The Main Man" L.E.G.I.O.N. member (DC Universe)
by optimusleo
One day Lobo is a normal alien and next we see him upgraded by Alan Grant & Bisley!! He really got pumped on steroids to achieve his muscularity. And how is this resolve in the comics? He just worked...[See More]

BLACK CONDOR I Richard Grey Jr Freedom Fighters (DC Universe)
by optimusleo
Next GA Freedom Fighter is The Black Condor! A mutant with the ability of flight; how cool is that? I bet he got really cold during flights with that outfit!! Head: DCD Hawkman Body: ML Punisher...[See More]

Saitama Marvel Legends Style (One Punch Man) (One Punch Man)
by thatstoreroom
(TSR Custom) ONE PUUUNCHHH. Custom Saitama from One Punch Man! Crazy amount of dremel works for this one. Sculpted almost everything and gave him a white cape. Hehe....[See More]

Cobra La Royal Guard (G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary)
by Ratfink
25th Destro figure completely sanded down and the entire body re sculpted modded bosk feet Star wars guard wings modified sword is sculpted the belt is random bits...[See More]

General grievous (Star Wars)
by Dwarf painter
Hi all, General Greivous repeint, no modofication on, just airbrush painted with acrylic paint. Thanks for watching....[See More]

Rita Repulsa Motuc Style (Power Rangers)
by LuvNidleness
I had a great time making this figure. Changed out the head and the hands on the Glimmer and got to sculpting. For the staff, I had to do a moon base design. Thanks for looking....[See More]

BLACK CONDOR III John Trujillo Freedom Fighters (DC Universe)
by optimusleo
IMO the best Black Condor was John Trujillo: his outfit and origin went accord with the character. I really liked this one but its a pity the New 52 erased him from continuity!! Head: ML Professor...[See More]

Fallout 4 Power Suit Armor (Mega Bloks)
by engineerio
Dragon Universe Mega Blok figure with sculpted headgear. Filled in holes in DU figure. Drilled out knee caps, painted with copper dry brush over orange and silver....[See More]

Azrael Arkham DC (Mega Bloks)
by engineerio
This was a combination of Legends of King Arthur arms, Green Goblin torso, COD legs, Assassins creed head and hood. Sculpted straps and robe front thingy....[See More]

Matt The Radar Technician (Kylo Ren) (Star Wars)
by thatstoreroom
"Hi. I am TSR Custom. A customizer. I'm 90% sure I wanted this custom so after some real talk with some real folks, I decided to make one. Sometimes you get so busy with commissions, you forgot...[See More]

Silk (Marvel Legends)
by comedianviet
Silk was made using a Marvel Legends White Tiger. The mask and hair was sculpted. The webbing was made from the wire....[See More]

Deadpool (Series 6) (Marvel Legends)
by thatstoreroom
(TSR Custom) Known as the best and most sought after Deadpool figure, this S6 Toybiz Deadpool was already good on it's own. But who said the best can't be better? -Gave it a sleeker paintjob and...[See More]

Republic Commando Gregor (Star Wars)
by Mandalore25
This is Republic Commando Gregor from the Clone Wars episode "Missing in Action". He's Made from a Clone Wars line Commando Boss, but that figure has a weird cable pack, so I used a pack from a...[See More]

The Thing (Spiky Version) (Fantastic Four)
by windblock2007
Marry Christmas to all Realmers.....This is my spiky Thing I think around the 90's the Thing and ms.Marvel went up to space to see if Ben can turn back into a human.....but it was so much more then...[See More]

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