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Magnum PI, Tom Selleck as Thomas Magnum (Marvel Legends)
by csuperstar
Just in time for the new show 2 Magnum 2 Furious, here is the classic Thomas Magnum from the original show! Magnum comes complete with his .45 and binoculars...and John Cena's hat(Ill update photos...[See More]
Axton's Technical (Borderlands)
by Xysma Warhorse
This is another original concept Borderlands vehicle, this one is Axton's Technical. This is just a repaint of a COPS vehicle, I cut out the floorboard to accommodate 6" scale figures....[See More]
Unworthy Thor SH Figuarts (Marvel)
by FigMason
Big fan of stories about Thor losing his hammer. The Unworthy Thor series was great. Thor Ragnarok was great. Wanted to make a figure that showed a sad, kinda lost Thor. At this stage in his story he...[See More]
Bmo (Adventure Time)
by Skullface
I made this figure for an AT cosplay team. I use an old game boy without screen for the body and mcdonald maschotte for arms and legs. The game boy working removing the face. Six custom cartridge...[See More]
Panda Claw (Robot Chicken) (Transformers)
by Transrouse
Beast Wars Panda-Claw (Original character) Base: Beast Wars Polar Claw Robot Chicken Inspired...... Basic Disassemble, paint and sealed with Mod Podge..... Thanks for stopping by!!!...[See More]
Commander Appo (Star Wars)
by Henchmen4Hire
Tried a "hand brush spray" technique to muddy this guy, I like how it looks combined with the usual splatter pattern. Also tried a new way to attach a head cast (plastic wrap in the hole), it was...[See More]
Snowboarding Chewbacca (Star Wars)
by Edgy 3
This is what started This hobby for me about 17 years ago. I've seen a painting that was given to Jeremy Bullock ( actor who played Boba Fett ) of Boba Fett surfing a big wave. Figuring it to big of...[See More]
CLONE WARS Darth Maul with robot legs (Star Wars Clone Wars)
by Keldor Krypton
It is without question that Maul is one of THE coolest star wars characters of ALL TIME...and it hurt for such along time that he was taken away from us so early...we wanted MORE MAUL...but he was...[See More]
ROM Spaceknight (Marvel Legends)
by riseROBOTrise
As many a ROM began, started life as a Mr. Sinister, because of the high boots. As I progressed I became more unhappy with the asymmetrical nature of them, so ended up sanding all of it off and...[See More]
Aliens private Vasquez (Aliens)
by Cabal22
Materials: Drill, scalpel, Citadel paints and brushes, instant glue, Milliput, 3 black plastic sealing wires, 1 cotton wire, some small pvc throwaways, Neca Aliens Ripley's large gun. I took off the...[See More]
Astonishing X-Men Wolverine (Marvel Legends)
by samberto
This is a simple custom, took the Toy Biz Ashtonishing Wolverine and gave it real adamantium claws, sculpted the belt (can't move sideways now), and made the head removable so it can be swapped for...[See More]
Age of Ultron Wolverine (Marvel Legends)
by samberto
Took a variant of Astonishing X-Men Wolverine and sanded down the belt, removed the shoulder pads and the boot cuffs, sculpted the details along the body and gloves, painted it all with Testors' Flat...[See More]
Nancy- Female Junkion (Transformers)
by Transrouse
Nancy is a Junkion who appears to be the consort of the Junkion leader, Wreck-Gar. Like all Junkions, she can be blasted to pieces without taking any noticeable permanent damage, and is capable of...[See More]
Modryn Oreyn (Skyrim)
by Deaditor
“DEFAULTED?!!” Been a while since I’ve posted anything and still haven’t finished what I’ve been working in as life gets busier heading into university term. This is one of the side projects I...[See More]
KRONA Arch-Nemesis of the Guardians of the Universe (DC Direct)
by optimusleo
Before the DC Universe rebooted to the New52, Krona was wrecking havoc in the galaxy and even changed his appearance to one similar to the Guardians of the Universe! This rendition was pretty neat...[See More]
Dendrick Malistar 'Imperial Defector / bounty hunter' (Star Wars)
by Edgy 3
Dendrick was born on the lower levels of Coruscant. His whole life he wanted serve the empire. He was given his chance and excelled through the ranks. He made it all the way to advanced recon. The...[See More]
Aliens private Crowe (Aliens)
by Cabal22
Material: drill with smoother, scalpel, Citadel paints and brushes, Milliput. I cut some hair and smoothed it to make it shorter, than painted it and the headphones. Painted face and eyes. Took off...[See More]
Attack on the Dam of the river Isen (Lord of the Rings)
by Edgy 3
Made this before I read the rules for the giant contest..... no dioramas. This lives in between to display units. Cut block shapes in the foam with sodering iron. cover in latex and paint. BBQ...[See More]
Nightwolf Dark Moon Version (Predator)
by Bloodshadow Games
Took a jungle attire Dutch, swapped heads with a Necca Gears of War Marcus which was very doable being that they're both Necca and are compatible, spray painted the attire Metallic Black with a...[See More]
Quellum 'Wequeey scout leader" (Star Wars)
by Edgy 3
A ruthless clan leader Quellum entered severitude to Zimbatu with the ambitions to raise his clan. Fodder Plus sculpty clay and paint...[See More]
Arkham Batman (Batman - Arkham City)
by nesar
I had already customized the Mattel Batman Legacy: Arkham City figure with a dark wash. Then I removed the cape and the neck joint. I added the cape from the NECA Keaton Batman and the lower part of...[See More]
3.75 Inch Supergirl (DC Superheroes)
by RW Customs
Using a Vitruvian Hacks Blank for the base, I sculpted her suit and details using Procreate. The head is from a Marvel Legends 3.75” Jessica Jones. Supergirl was then painted using Model Master...[See More]
Arrow Oliver Queen (Unmasked) (DC Direct)
by PaulsCustoms
I was never quite happy with the original dc collectibles Arrow the likeness was quite bad so I thought I'd give it a shot and make my own. Figures and materials used: For the Head I used a...[See More]
Alien Corporal Dietrich (Aliens)
by Cabal22
I used green stuff and paint to give Neca Vasquez's face the resemblance of Dietrich: basically more cheecks and less nose. Painted the chest and added a sort of white snake (not like in the movie)...[See More]
Human Cannonball (Marvel Legends)
by YBulltois
From the inspiration of glennwebman69. I was trying to get an idea of how to take on Cannonball and found his version. I knew I had the Doom head and felt like Red Skull made a good base. The team is...[See More]
Finn - The Last Jedi Rebel (Star Wars)
by Warrior Custom Figures
Using a Poe Dameron figure as a base, I swapped the head, arms and jacket for a Force Awakens Finn figure. I repainted the trousers blue. Painted the shirt yellow, and dry brushed it with white...[See More]
Caulifla (Dragonball Z)
by otterpuente
Used a ranma and beerus, with the wcf head. combined the beerus and ranma. Painted using citadel, and sculpted with miliput and green stuff....[See More]
Leonardo (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
by Turtlebro
I wanted to create a Leonardo that evoked the original 1988 toy while being modern in construction. The recipe is a Fightin Gear Leo torso, lower legs, wrists hands, head (alternate), 2003 Leo head,...[See More]
Wolverine (Marvel Select)
by TheGr8One
Simple recipe, cut off the movie Wolverine figure above the belt area, glued on top of Lone Ranger figure & repainted the pants(not my best paint job for sure but I haven't done this for a long...[See More]
My Dark Knight Custom Diorama (Batman)
I am always amazed when a bat signal lights-up so this is why I created my own light-up diorama, made from cut-off toothpick plastic packaging, old small flashlight and cut-off thin foam for the bat...[See More]
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