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Black Suit/Venom/Venomized Superior Spider-man (Marvel Legends)
by SymbioteSeeker
So once again I had to make this guy we don't officially have a black suit none monster Venom Superior Spider-man. Superior Venom being my favorite character in comics even though it was extremely...[See More]
Shard Bishop v. 2 (X-Men)
by aldio_custom86
Shard from Marvel comic series: X-Men and Bishop. Made from Marvel Legends figure, add some detail with epoxy putty then paint it with acrylic paints...[See More]

Quellum 'Wequeey scout leader" (Star Wars)
by Edgy 3
A ruthless clan leader Quellum entered severitude to Zimbatu with the ambitions to raise his clan. Fodder Plus sculpty clay and paint...[See More]
Windstorm [Original Character] (Transformers)
by DSNG500
made this customized version of WindStorm [based on the red-colored RID WindBlade toy] a few years ago, although I never shared it online. But I recently dusted her off, repainted her and added some...[See More]
Death Trooper (Carnage Motif) (Borderlands)
by Henchmen4Hire
Based this paint job on the Carnage shotgun from Borderlands. Despite being all black, this took more work than the Flakker motif. Painted everything flat black because it makes the metal...[See More]

Nathan Drake (Uncharted 2) (Uncharted)
by Pjb272
Nathan Drake Uncharted 4 base. Swapped some of his parts around and added things with epoxy. Then painted him....[See More]

Verinias Pullo Gorlitzia / Lanista of the House of Gorlitzia (Spartacus)
by Edgy 3
Lanista is a wealthy roman who purchased slaves to be trained as gladiators. Filled in face with clay and resculpted hair. Swapped out hands. Repaint and crafted a tunic out of scrap fabric. Bits of...[See More]
J Jonah Jameson (Marvel Legends)
Recipe: Base Fig- ML MCU Klaue Head- ML Chameleon Arms- DC Multiverse Lex Luthor Simple custom based that I had to do. Couple other customizers beat me to this custom, but the base figure was meant...[See More]

Enforcer Predator 3.0 (Predator)
You are looking at a repainted NECA Enforcer Predator. This version has colorings more akin to P1. Customized a better disc holster as the factory one leaves much to be desired. The Enforcer...[See More]
Iron Man (Hall of Armor) (Iron Man)
by Irn12
This is from a izod box of pajamas and calculator holders made to look like a Hall of Armors. This is an upgrade from my box of armors....[See More]
Superior Iron Man (Iron Man)
by Tomcat1012
My first custom. Not many suits look at all like then endosym suit, so I used the infty war iron Man body because it looks the most futuristic when you chrome it. Made the helmet out of modeling clay...[See More]
Fantasticar (Fantastic Four)
by Irn12
Peanut butter and crackers box with attachments of Star Trek console and various items around the house and printed stickers....[See More]
Alpha Flight (Alpha Flight)
by Irn12
This is Alpha Flight! The Snowbird is an Enchantress repainted and Shaman is a movie Loki repainted....[See More]
Denki Kaminari (My Hero Academia)
by Kaizer0805
This is another my hero academia custom figure I made, this took a while to make but I did finish. His coustume is a mix between fist first and second coustume, mostly being the second one but with...[See More]
Ballmastrz 9009 Playset (Anime)
Commission based on the Adult Swim (Christy Karacas “Super Jail”) show Ballmastrz 9000. The mighty (or terrible) Leptons. The worst team in the league, graced with the forced assignment of League MVP...[See More]
Corl 'Neimoidian Guard' (Star Wars)
by Edgy 3
Hand sculpted head. Repaint. Shirt is from Robin hood (3.75 inch, yes kevin costner) and skirt is from a 3.75 inch mummy from the drug store toy aisle. Black series weapons and lego sword ( with...[See More]
Arkham Knight (Marvel Legends)
by lstsnss
"From the ashes of Arkham, Gotham will fall." The mysterious (not really) soldier craving to exact vengeance against The Dark Knight, he is equipped with hi-tech armory and ready to get the job...[See More]
Leon S. Kennedy (Resident Evil 2 Remake) (Resident Evil)
by pyramidhead22
The second I saw the remake designs I knew I had to make figures. So first I wanted to start with leon in his rpd outfit. To make him his base was a neca sam fisher body with neca dutch feet and...[See More]
Phase 0 Dark Trooper (Star Wars)
by Deaditor
This took forever to get done and have more photos to add when I can be bothered to edit them. The original Battlefront games were some of my favourites and the dark trooper always looked so menacing...[See More]
Super Megatron - Battlestars Return of Convoy (Transformers)
by Transrouse
Somewhere beyond the year 2025, an evil force named Dark Nova, hoping to eliminate the threat of the recently resurrected Optimus Prime as Star Convoy, beamed a blast of energy down to Galvatron's...[See More]
"Mortal Kombat" Jax (Mortal Kombat)
by Arrow customs
I used a Neca Kratos body with gunslinger head, thor arms, Dutch legs and fully painted with revell acrylics...[See More]
Wolf Predator (Predator)
by Hellonearth
To make this wolf I had to take all the useful parts of the old, poorly articulated figure (head, forearms, hands, legs, armor) and give them to the other body. Fused the forearms to the new arms...[See More]
Captain Hogie, Roberta and Nicol (G.I. Joe)
by actionman81
I'd wanted figures from Welcome to Marwen for the longest time, ever since seeing the film, and reading about the documentary. I felt rather guilty to use the same mold of figures that the real Mark...[See More]
Captain N and the N Team (Captain N: Game Master)
by revoltechone
I had the inspiration to do this team come from out of the blue a few months ago, and someone on another forum happened to be looking for someone interested in doing a commission job of them just a...[See More]

Bane (Secret Six)
by Bamf67
I am working on a Secret Six collection. (If you're not reading it, you should!!) Bane was made out of a ML Bishop. It worked out pretty good because Bishop's eyes were already red so I just had to...[See More]
Jessica Cruz (Green Lantern)
by Dee9922
Use Cap Marvels body Silks head and some aves for the armor parts of the uniform I went with a metallic green to make it pop and added a matte finish...[See More]
Bronze Age Atomic Skull (Superman)
by manomight1974
First, I removed the head from the Psycho-Pirate figure and swapped it with the Deadman head. This proved a little challenging as there was no double ball joint attached to Deadman's head, so I just...[See More]
Superboy (Legion of Super-Heroes Costume) (DC Direct)
by manomight1974
Not much work done here. Simply just removed the belt buckle and a fraction of the belt and added on a circular buckle made from the top of a diabetic's lancet (used because of the existing letter...[See More]
Power Girl (Second Costume) (Superman)
by manomight1974
First, I removed the cape. Using milliput, I filled in the holes on her sides where the cape was attached, rounded the boot tops, and created the bracelets, collar, and details of the costume. For...[See More]
Kryptonite Power Lex Luthor (Superman Returns)
by manomight1974
I wasn't too thrilled with the Kryptonite Power Lex Luthor figure that we did get. So, I took the Hologram Jor-El figure, removed the head and neck, the "S" symbols on his heels and chest, and the...[See More]
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