Gender Bender Custom Contest
Ladies, have you ever wondered what it's like the men's restroom? Guys, have you ever wondered what it's like to run around in a chainmail bikini? No? It's just me? Oh, well, luckily this contest isn't about a simple wardrobe change, it's about a sex change! Even better, right!? This month you're challenged to make customs of characters like you think they would look if they were the opposite gender! What if Hercules had been a girl instead? What if the Baroness was a dude!? What if Batman was a woman!? Would she still wear black and gray or would it now be PINK and gray!? You decide how being the opposite sex could have influenced a character!

Nightmare's Notes
The characters keep the same powers/abilities, only their gender changes, it's as if they were the opposite gender since birth. Feel free to write a new origin for them! Would Deadpool still be as crazy if he had been a babe? Maybe he'd be even worse!?

Keep in mind, you can't make customs of characters that already exist! I'll try to clarify as much as possible.

Customs of a female Darkseid or a male Vixen are acceptable, but-

You cannot make Supergirl and say it's a female Superman.
You cannot make Spider-man and say it's a male Spider-girl.
You cannot make Conan and say it is a male Red Sonja.
You cannot make Huntress or Painkiller Jane and say it is a female Punisher.

Here's an exception, and I'm sure there are others:

You cannot make Lynn Michaels (the Female Punisher) because she already exists, but you CAN make an original female Punisher. She doesn't even have to be called "The Punisher" or wear a skull, just don't copy a pre-existing character and you should be fine.

Any questions, please ask!
Please remember to follow the Contest Rules and to Vote Fairly.
Contest Winners:

What is the contest schedule?
Begins: Contest Closed
Ends: December 31st, 2008 - Last day for submissions. No exceptions! Cut off is at midnight Central Standard Time.
Voting: January 1st - 7th.
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