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Custom Showcase

Welcome to the newest opportunity to further highlight your work. This is your chance to take control and earn special privileges that help you show off your creations. All that is required is a small contribution to Figure Realm-the site you've come to know and love. You choose a contribution amount. The larger the contribution, the more privileges you will gain. The additional features available include the ability to submit more customs, the ability to submit more pictures with each custom, and the ability to advertise your customs. Take advantage of this great opportunity to maximize the benefits of submitting your work to Figure Realm!
Below is the list of rewards you will receive based on the amount of money contributed to the Custom Showcase.

Rank  This is the new rank that will be assigned to your customizer profile.
Contribution  This is how much you have to contribute to be rewarded the benefits of the package.
Duration  This is how long you will keep your benefits as a thank you for the contribution.
Max Pics  The maximum number of pictures you can submit with each of your customs.
Max Submits  The maximum number of customs you can submit in a day.
Advertise  Are you allowed to advertise your custom on external websites, such as personal websites or auctions. Click here for details on the Advertising package.

RankContributionDurationMax PicsMax SubmitsAdvertise
$9.95 1 months6  5  Yes  
$9.95 6 months4  4  No  
$11.95 6 months5  4  No  
$13.95 6 months6  4  No  
$15.95 6 months6  6  No  
Lord Knight
$17.95 12 months4  4  No  
$21.95 12 months5  4  No  
Lord Baron
$25.95 12 months6  4  No  
Grand Baron
$29.95 12 months6  6  No  
Lord Duke
$99.95 12 months6  5  Yes  

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