Customs by TatersDad
ROM: Spaceknight (Marvel Universe)
by TatersDad
Been wanting a decent 1:18 ROM for about 35 years or so... been meaning to just up and sculpt a torso/head, but then saw the "Cosmic Knight" kit at Vortious' site and got inspired. The kit was...[See More]
Drax (Classic) (Marvel Universe)
by TatersDad
Made this guy for a goof. Never really liked the super-bulky dumbed-down Drax that I first read about in the Infinity Gauntlet series, but after reading the new GotG series a few years ago, I got...[See More]
Groot (Comic-Based) (Marvel Universe)
by TatersDad
Been wanting to make this guy for a while - but didn't want to shell out a ton of $$$ for the AIM fig. So when I finally found one at Target, I went right to work. I already had the head from the...[See More]
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