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Custom Starwars Snowtrooper (Star Wars)
by DSNG500
This custom toy was based on the plain 6-inch scale Star Wars Snowtrooper, shown in the second row below. The base toy was completely white, and I had to take away the head and replace it with an...[See More]
Ekkit - Xenomorph Jedi (Star Wars)
by Weakcut
A Star Wars/Aliens Mashup. The head and tail are from a Aliens Minimate Xenomorph figure; the torso and arms are a Star Wars Clone Wars Animated Obi Wan Kenobi figure; the lega, feet and hands are...[See More]

R2-HV - Astromech Maintenance Droid (Star Wars)
by Weakcut
The body, arms and legs are from a Loyal Subjects GI Joe Blowtorch figure; The head is Star Wars R2-D2; the pack is from a Star Wars Constable Zuvio; and the welding torch is an otoscope from a a...[See More]

Potassium Power/the big banana (2000 AD)
by helrodd
Potassium Power a name given thanks to the yellow paint left over from his former life as a construction bot. Now a gladiator bot not as fast or graceful as the newer models but what he lacks in...[See More]

CLEETUS - Maintenance Droid (Star Wars)
by Weakcut
Body and legs are Toy Story That Time Forgot Ray-Gon figure; Head is the lower leg from a M.A.R.S Heroes Robot figure; Arms are a Star Wars Battle Droid; Left forarm is a Star Wars IG-88 figure; Back...[See More]

CL-30 "Cleo" - Separatist Protocol Droid (Star Wars)
by Weakcut
Head is a Star Wars Sith Probe Droid; Body, legs and upper arms Big Hero 6 GoGo Tomago; Forearms and hands Star Wars Mandalorian Polica Officer...[See More]

Ghost Spider (Marvel Legends)
by custom-carsi
Cuerpo del doctor strange y cabeza de gosth rider, copie en resina el fuego de la cabeza para lograr tenerlo en fuego azul....[See More]
Lieutenant Colonel Rick Harrison (Aliens)
by ClanElderPredator
First of all this was a grueling repaint of the Harison Ford figure from Bladerunner. I used military paints from Tamiya to get the colors right. This included green and black for his pants and...[See More]
American Crusader (Independent Comics)
by Dravenheart
Been a while since I've working on a Project Superpowers character. I've been wanting to, but never really had the time to fit any in randomly. Thankfully, some have been requested. So, I'll be...[See More]
Captain Planet (Captain Planet)
by Dravenheart
I did not know this was a thing. So, apparently there was an episode of Captain Planet where he got to meet a future version of himself. And future versions of all the Planeteers. Well, I had been...[See More]
Dark Knights Metal: The Batman Who Laughs w/ Crow (DC Universe)
by Comicustoms
Hey! Next up is the uber popular, Batman Who Laughs. I call it Laugh-Bats, for short. Judge Death head, Walgreens Punisher upper body, Netflix Punisher lower body (fatigue pants are perfect), Nick...[See More]

Dr. Adam Brashear: The Blue Marvel (Marvel Legends)
by Comicustoms
Hey! Next up is Dr Adam Brashear: The Blue Marvel! A very underrated and under appreciated, modern marvel. I used a Gladiator base, Unworthy Thor boots, modified Ex Nihlo open hands, Red Guardian...[See More]

Sentinel (Marvel Legends)
by LegendMaker588
This is my custom sentinel figure.he is the 12 inch iron man simply repainted.can't get my hands on the baf sentinel so I had too improvise.thanks!...[See More]
batman who laughs (Marvel Legends)
by custom-carsi
el batman que ríe fue creado a partir del punisher serie man-thing, robin es de serie DC multiverse Doomday con la cabeza de bruce banner 4-pack y esculpido....[See More]
Nick Fury (Marvel Legends)
Here's my custom winter assault Nick Fury He's made using the following parts. -Black series cassian upper body,crotch, hat & skirt -Netflix Punisher legs & arms The heads came from an ML Nick Fury...[See More]

Nightwing Arkham City (Batman - Arkham City)
by D026
I used a marvel legends batroc with a shrunken down version of the DC universe classics nightwing head. Resculpted the hair and sculpted all of the lines and chest. Dremeled out the back so I could...[See More]
The 1st Sith- The Exiles (Star Wars The Old Republic)
by mulacmoht
Ajunta Pall- GI Joe Ninja with additional milliput sculpting, painted with citadel paints. Xoxaan- Maria Hill with shaved head- craft knife. Long fingers from GI Joe Doctor figure, materials added,...[See More]
Mandalorian Jedi Hunter (Star Wars)
by Stronox
Still one of my most requested figure designs, I have added yet another member to my ongoing Mando Jedi Hunter Clan! If you are interested in owning this custom figure, he is available now on eBay!...[See More]

Cobra Commander (G.I. Joe)
by Edgy 3
Head swap with sculpty filled-in SWBS Guavian Enforcer. repaint and sticker logo. Sculpted backpack....[See More]
Spock from STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS (Star Trek)
by DoctorBergsan
A variation on a cancelled figure from the Star Trek 2009 line, this is Mr. Spock in his officer’s uniform from the first half of Star Trek into Darkness. I built this figure with the ability to work...[See More]
Captain James T. Kirk from STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS (Star Trek)
by DoctorBergsan
The merchandising rights to Star Trek are all over the place, with Paramount owning the film rights and the television rights belonging to CBS, so any kind of corporate synergy to consolidate their...[See More]
Flash Gordon (Defenders of the Earth) (Flash Gordon)
by fujimiya.gokunaga
Every kids who spent their childhood in the 80s MUST KNOW Defenders of the Earth, right? It's one of my favorite show. Sculpted the details on his lower arm, shoulders and neck. Then paint it. hope...[See More]

Saruman the White (Marvel Universe)
by daredeviant
So I was in à heroic fantasy trip and after Conan, Elric and the Balrog, I wanted to add another player. It took an evil sorcerer to make another one. He's Voldemort with Lee Scoresby's head from...[See More]
Sonikko (Sonic)
by Wakeangel2001
Rule 63: it is possible to find genderswapped versions of any fictional character online. Sonic of course is not immune to this, and there is of course TONS of artwork of "Sonikko" out there. This...[See More]
KGBeast (DC Infinite Heroes)
by Dravenheart
KGBeast is one of my favorite obscure DC villains. I actually didn't realize he was so obscure for a while. He was a major player in the old Robin comics, so I thought for sure he was a big deal. I...[See More]
Ken (Street Fighter)
by Dravenheart
Finally got pictures taken! Seriously, these have been piling up. But, I can now get some more stuff posted! And I'm getting to start off with one I've been wanting to make ever since I first saw the...[See More]
Scarlett (G.I. Joe)
by Stronox
Here is a modernized version the first lady of GI Joe, Scarlett! Complete with a custom crossbow, I am pleased with how she turned out overall with staying true to her original look and color scheme!...[See More]

Thor indigno (Marvel Legends)
by Jair1974
. .corpo ufc thiago pitibul cabeça wwe triplo h ..durepox na modelagem do rosto .tinta fosca cabelo. .pernas wwe coberto com biscuit forragens e biscuit machado Thor odinson baf...[See More]
Thanos (inspired by Mezco One:12 Collective) (One:12 Collective)
by ChimeraConcepts
This Thanos was a pretty complicated build. I really wanted to capture his physique and appearance in the old Silver Surfer Animated Series from the 90s. The underlying body is a mashup between...[See More]

Corporal Bryce “Fez” Garza (Aliens)
by ThatDudeCheese69
Corporal Garza is a member of Tiger 8-2, he is also Sergeant Beidelschies’s second in command. For Bryce’s Marine I swapped out his head, and re-configured his gear. His primary weapon is a shotgun...[See More]
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