The Principality of Raguel (Marvel Legends) Custom Action Figure
Custom #:2882
Name:The Principality of Raguel
Custom Type:Action Figure
Toy Series:Marvel Legends
Date Added:June 10, 2007
Base Figure:Planet Hulk
Height:8.00 inches
Recently archeological digs in the dead sea area have yielded a phenominal amount of original and long believed lost biblical texts. One of these texts - already existing in the Catholic Bible is the Book of Tobias. As scholars began to read this newly discovered text they found that much had been omitted from the book of Tobias as it is included in the Latin Bible. Here is some of what you haven't read...

and so it came to pass that Tobit the young did travel to Raguel with his companion whom he did not know as the Archangel Raphael. Tobit did meet the Daughter of Raguel and her name was Sarah. Raguel came to love Tobit and knew that he should marry his fare daughter but he did fear the devil that hath cursed his daughter. I should like that you young Tobias would marry my daughter but I fear your life may fall like seven that came before you. And the archangel Raphael who didst appear as a man, saith: Fear not good Raguel for he that feareth God is set up to become thy daughter's husband and no other before him could marry her. Raguel took joy upon the words spoken and did take the Hand of Tobias and the Hand of Sarah and lay them upon each other saying: I give to thee young Tobit my daughter Sarah in the fashion of Moses, before the God of Abraham and the God of Isaac and of Jacob. A celebration did commence and so did they make a paper saying of the union of the two.

As the day did wane giving way to the night, did then that Tobias the younger began to heed the tales of the devil that torment Sarah and he was beset with fear. Tell me of this devil which hath tormented thee so these many years saith Tobit to his new bride. Verily I say to thee my husband that a devil of such hate doth torment me so, that he hath killed before you seven husbands during the night of our wedding. The devil wisheth me remain chaste and unconsummated and thereby unmarried. My father's kingdom hath no heir and alas I am tormented. Tobit did fear and so sought his companion for advice regarding the devil that would surely come to end him as the seven before. Fear not sayeth the man that was really Raphael, for you are true in the eyes of God and obedient unto your father, take you the gall of the great fish you did slay these few days past and lay it upon the coals of your fire tonight. Do not take unto you your new bride to consummate your marriage this night but instead pray with tears and fast for 3 days hence you and Sarah. and Tobit did take comfort in the words of his friend that was the angel, and he confessed he would do this very thing for love of God and his new wife. Tobit revealed unto Sarah this covenant and Sarah took delight in the knowledge of it saying I will do as my husband sayeth; and they did.

and so as the man that was really Raphael stood fast beyond the room of Tobias and Sarah, he did watch for the smoke to rise from the chimney, and so it became as of a different color and the angel knew then that Tobit and Sarah had kept the covenant. and the Man that was really the Archangel Raphael didst gird himself as though for battle, and did set out into the desert where he seeketh the devil of Raguel. Before the first cocks crow did he behold the Principality that did rule over the sins of the town and he took delight in the torment of it's princess. and Raphael spake to the devil saying lay on devil for tonight thou doest witness the husband of Sarah obeying the God of his fathers. and the Devil did snarl and draw up his beastly snout shewing the teeth he hath used to devour the flesh of man. Raphael did take up the sword of Michael the demonslayer and did take up poise to engage the devil. The devil roared unto Raphael crying who art thou that darest seek the principality of this city, who art thou that taketh up sword against he who is greater. and the Angel sayeth back, lay on devil, he that hath seen the eyes of God and turned hence in favor of eternal damnation, look upon he that will send thee to thy bondage and just torment. So there did the two make battle, and for three days and three nights did the two lock into strife. At the end of the third night did Raphael become the victor and did bind the Devil with chains and rightousness. Stay thee hence devil of Raguel and know that an heir will be conceived tomorrow and that thou hast failed in thy torment of Sarah. and so did the devil roar with hatred and cursed that he would break from his bonds and set upon all those that hear of this tale...

Up for your perusal is my interpretation of this Devil that plagued Sarah for so many years. A complete lack of cooperation on the part of my digital camera prevents a close up of the face. On a side note, while the Book of Tobias does exist in Catholic Bibles and does tell of the tale of Tobit, and Raphael the Archangel, there are no specific details of the fight between the evil and the angel. Study of angels and demons yields the discovery of choirs of angels and a set hierarchy. It stands to reason that the fallen angels maintain that hierarchy and so the powers they possessed as angels remain in their evil state. A principality is a higher ranking angel than an Archangel and traditionally principalities as angels are the guardians of specific cities or towns. It was the principalities of Sodom and Gamorrah that visited Lot and his family and subsequently laid the two cities to waste. Principalities have an immense and unimaginable amount of power and it is unlikely that an angel or archangel would have the ability to kill one (although angels and demons can kill both each other as well as humans) which would explain why Raphael could only bind the devil for a short period of time. I hope you enjoy it, and thank you for looking!

On to the mechanics of it:

Base figure is a Planet Hulk
Head is an original sculpt complete with nose ring
Wings are from Annihilus
Tail some dragon sacrificed in the making of this figure

Originally I was not going to put a tail on the figure, or alter the feet more than making them match the hands, but adding the wings set the figure off balance. So, I added the tail to act as a counterweight, this helped but I had to change the center of gravity so I lopped off the front of the hulk's feet and crafted the demon style feet it has now. I had to glue them fixed because hinged (originally they were built to be hinged) they allowed the figure to shift too much to remain stable. Once glued in place, the center of gravity was no set back by about 1/2 inch and the figure stands without grief. I used router bits to create ball sockets in the back of the hulk torso, this allows the wings to remain posable and can be removed for shipping and transport. Finally a Babylonian style sickle sword and a mystically hovering "burning soul" were sculpted to finish the creature off.

User Comments
greymonk -
Sunday, July 15, 2007
Well this thing crapped out at $41.44 on the ePlace. Not so much as a last minute snipe on it. Sat at the same amount for 8 days. seriously depressing.
Unknown User -
Sunday, July 8, 2007
You deserved to place in the top three buddy thats a hell of a piece of work
I just wish you took My place in 2nd
But Congrats to you none the less man
The three Amigos took the top spots
carlos1 -
Sunday, July 8, 2007
Congratulations on your placing that is a great custom figure. I might try to do one in 12" scale. Great sculpt, great paint, great job.
greymonk -
Sunday, July 8, 2007
Wow I placed?! I'm simply amazed!!! (thanks for the kind words Toymaker and congrats!!) Thanks everyone for your kind words and votes.
Unknown User -
Sunday, July 8, 2007
Really Nice demon. Created by a man of the cloth, but then again who better to know what to look for Great job man!
trigun22 -
Thursday, July 5, 2007
hey this is really cool id like to get my hands on one of these id love to see more keep it up! o and please checkout my berserk zodd custom am new to customizing so please tell me how I did
Bob-A-Ferret -
Monday, July 2, 2007
Now the only way to have improved this is to have made it an ICON at 12 inches I love this fig
Unknown User -
Sunday, July 1, 2007
Demonic masterpieces 101
This is the mutt's nuts and the bee's knees all rolled into one
words can't express the deep respect I have for both the craftsman who made this and the awesomeness of his creation
its a crime if this isnt in the top three
Fan-fraggin-tastic work
fastfreddie -
Sunday, July 1, 2007
omg! this beast is amazing! the paint job is fantastic!!
geki69er -
Sunday, July 1, 2007
this dude looks savage. I love it, I'm enjoying the nose rings. I think those wings are killer, all around wonderful piece. keep it up.
Dr Nightmare -
Sunday, July 1, 2007
*sees the long-bum backstory*
Be careful what you wish for, right?
Awesome, looks like one of the Balrogs from the Diablo games.
carlos1 -
Sunday, July 1, 2007
WOW! The head sculpt is incredible it must have taken you a long time to complete. Great figure all around I gave it high marks.
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