'The Dark Knight' and 'The Caped Crusader' (Batman) Custom Action Figure
Custom #:2888
Name:'The Dark Knight' and 'The Caped Crusader'
Custom Type:Action Figure
Toy Series:Batman
Date Added:June 10, 2007
Base Figure:Moon Knight and Sentry
Height:6.00 inches
When I got my self a spare Moon Knight I decied to turn my original Batman that I made in to the one you see now as I liked the body better and all in all it looks better.

I decided I wanted to give him the Batman Begins symbol on his chest instead of the oval one so I sculpted one as it would look better 3D then painted and would show up better.

But when I put it on him for what ever reason I just didn't like it so I took it of and put the oval symbol back on...But now I was left with a sculpted Bat symbol that I really liked but had no need for.

So the only reason I made the 'Caped Crusader' Batman was so I could Put the sculpted symbol on it...Simple as that :)

'The Dark Knight'
Base: Moon Knight
Head, Cape, Spikes: Mattle Batman
Bat Symbol: The Batman Figure
Belt: Batman Begins Figure

'The Caped Crusader'
Base: Sentry
Head, Cape, Hands, Belt: Mattle Batman
Feet: Wonder Man
Bat Symbol: Sculpted

ps. The only reason I put these two together in the same post is because I know every one would go on about how my 'The Caped Crusader' Batman looks like Kyle Robinson's Batman..And yes...It does :)

User Comments
legendsmaker -
Wednesday, June 4, 2008
So I really like the moon knight base. Its perfect for batman, not too big, not too small. I might have to use that base to make a batman of my own. Btw I have looked at a lot of customs on this site because I am just starting customizing, (just finished my first ever today!), and Just wanted to say that in my opinion your customs are by far the best. You've given me so many ideas because I too am trying to turn my dc figures into marvel legends. The only thing now is find out a cheap place to get the figures. They are so Freakin expensive because you can't find any usable ones in the stores anymore. Just online.
Kern -
Wednesday, June 13, 2007
The other thing, from Bryne's original Man of Steel miniseries relaunch, is the Supes constantly slightly vibrates his face so nobody can get a real look him - it also shows as a blur on photographs.
Whilst a chunk of Kal's strength comes from the field, he is very strong hisself - Kal's Superspeed, it's been stated, works by sheer strength of muscle, rather than access to the Speedforce Dimension.
...no, I don't get how that works, either.
Clark also used to keep weightlifting gear about his apartment, but not being able to accurately judge them, brought too light weights for his first set, leading to the following exchange:
Lois: Funny thing, though. I'm surprised you've been able to keep up such a terrific physique with those light weights.
They're hardly heavier than the ones I use.
Clark: [thinks]Oops! I hadn't thought of that. I've gone to great lengths to provide explanations of how Clark Kent can have a build almost as good as Supermans'. But with my Super-Strength, it's hard for me to be sure of the weight of something as small as a dumb bell.
[speaks]Well, er, those are old weights and I... er, Lois?
There's also been at least once when he's used MatrixSupergirl to impersonate Clark whilst he's appeared as Supes in public - the main one I can think of offhand is Supes 'rescuing' Clark in the epilogues to the Death/Reign/Return of Superman arcs.
Unknown User -
Wednesday, June 13, 2007
I agree with both of you - but being the oldest here and read more on both heroes lets have a short 101
About Batmans Physique and strength quotient
Bruce Lee was capable of "incredible feats of strength" and (despite having a fatal brain cramp) he was 90% toned muscle - not a big guy and he could easily wear a suit - and you'd think what a wimpy lookin geezer
Its a question of harnessing Ki, Qi or Chi
True Batman should have more "bulk" than Master Lee - but not overly so
tho I do enjoy the animated and Miller Batman beefcake look also - batman needs to be mobile and sleek
And being a martial artist myself - you can focus Chi, ki or Qi to break bricks, metal whatever and lift things heavier than you'd think a person of your size possibly could
(I've yet to master that LOL)
Bats is the epitomy of focus and the principles behind Jeet Kune Do in his training and fighting style
Batmans ethos is - if you have complete will and determination you can achieve ANYTHING if physically plausible
Batmans will has been proven to be stronger than Supes on occasion on never giing in to torture or brainwashing and Batman also has a certain resistance to magic
But Batmans suit has been described in some comics as having a slimline exoskeletal system that enhances his strength slightly to compensate for old age
And Batman Beyond this slimline exosuit has been increased inits stregth quotient so he is five - ten times stronger than human
About Supermans Appearance
Back in the Silver Era - Superman had the power (pre John Byrne retcon) of mass hypnosis
As Clark kent, Superman was seen not as just supes with a haircut and glasses - but seen by others as a totally different person - slouched, hair receding and skinny
This was the times when Superman was SO super he could shift the earth out of orbit etc
So mass hypnosis was a given as he could do ANYTHING
He gets away with this as hes Alien
But after Byrnes time - They humanised him more and basically he just got by on being a really good actor - posture, glasses, haircut, verbal manner - all so convincing no one would asume he and supes were the same dude
Christopher Reeeve's Superman /Clark actually had different skin tones - superman having a noticable tan (and maybe a bit of eyeliner) where Clark was a plain jane without makeup
Again Superman's strength comes not from his muscles but an intangible reaction field that surrounds him that lets him manipulate objects giving him the illusion of strength - the same reaction field that lets him fly and propells him at speed
When hes in a Red sun environment he loses that field as he needs a yellow sun to function - but with or without Powers - hes a hero thru and thru and worthy of his name... even tho I'm Not a big fan of Big Blue
But anyone who goes by the moniker superman must by definition have the best physique so they drew him that way
Movie Routh is a skinny Supes in my view - but my theory of the reaction field is born out by Rouths physique
Hope that clears that all up for you guys
Tuesday, June 12, 2007
Ah yes but when famous people change their look aka lindsay lohan we still know its them and when ever I see Clrak Kent in the comics he always just wears a shirt and has his sleeves rolled up...but I might just be reading the same book over and over again, I don't pay attetion to Superman that much
But I agree with you dr, they would look lager then the average man...well Batman more then Superman as he is naturaly super strong, I mean look at Supergirl she just looks like a normal girl but is proberly the strongest female in the DC world, and I include Wonder Woman in that statment.
Dr Nightmare -
Tuesday, June 12, 2007
Supes wears a suit at work, it hides all his muscle, but being a farm-boy is a good excuse for it in-case anyone asks. The glasses and change of hair-style does work, most people are very gullible and don't pay attention to detail (although, yeah, I think a trained observer, like a reporter or a cop, would eventually figure it out).
Batman is capable of "incredible feats of strength" according to DC Comics (I read it somewhere), so he's most likely slightly larger than medium-build. (definitely not bulky though). Being a millionaire playboy is a good cover for all the muscle, he can say he goes to the gym to stay fit for the ladies xD
Tuesday, June 12, 2007
Dedi, you think the same way as me,
They make Batman look hugh in the comics which is geat in the world of the comic books but in real life alla the Batman movies, it would look wierd if he was that big as he would not be able to move as well due to his size and also people would think why is a billionaire playboy that big? he would not have the time to go to the gym to the extent where he would get that big as he would be out partying all the time.
The same goes with Superman, you look at him in the comics and he 6'4, has HUGH muscles and is the most recognized person in the world (by world I mean the DC universe)
now you mean to tell me that a nerdy guy from a farm who has very little of a socail life and all he seems to do is work is goin to be that big? A change of hair style and glasses wouldn't fool anyone.
But in comics it works because we all except the fact that this is a comic book world and not real life unlike the movies which are set in the 'real world'.
Unknown User -
Tuesday, June 12, 2007
Totally agree with you about MK being a good batman base
Personally I don't think Bats needs to be bulked up - no matter whos drawn him that way in the past
I prefer the movie or Neal Adams - sleek look
first n foremost Bats a supreme martial artist and ninja - and those chaps have great musculature but not beefy wrestler types
Great stuff DDA
Dr Nightmare -
Monday, June 11, 2007
...that MK Bats is pretty neat! If only the body were bulked-up a bit more...
Kyle Robinson -
Monday, June 11, 2007
HEY! that "the caped crusader bats" looks like.......
Just kidding
I love the way that the moon knight body looks for batman. GREAT IDEA! A+
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