Green Lantern Movie John Stewart Concept Design Version 1 (Green Lantern) Custom Action Figure
Custom #:3329
Name:Green Lantern Movie John Stewart Concept Design Version 1
Custom Type:Action Figure
Toy Series:Green Lantern
Date Added:July 22, 2007
Base Figure:12" THE CORPS Afro American
Height:12.00 inches

Although Hal Jordan, Kilowog and Kyle Rayner are some of the most well known and highly regarded Green Lanterns - I always liked the character of "Hal Jordan's back up" - John Stewart
Really done justice in the Justice League cartoon shows...

And if there was a movie made tomorrow - I'd love him to be in it along with the others..
Heres a Concept maquette for a possible Movie costume design for the Movie version of Green Lantern.

MOVIE STORY - please bear in mind this changes comic continuity and condenses 40 plus years of story..

John Stewart is a broken man - a man who has lost everything - except his Architect business "Shining Light" and even that isnt as successful as it could be - he is a man close to the brink of sucide...

He has lost the ability to walk and his wife Katma Tui - apparently killed - due to his failure in saving the Planet Xanshi exploding and because of that disaster he has been expelled from the Galactic peace keeping force -
The Green Lantern Corps
He has lost his purpose in life...

But fate is to give him purpose again - the Green Lantern Corps Guardians of the Universe contact him - giving him a 2nd chance...
He is to investigate the disappearance of his best friend and fellow Green Lantern... Hal Jordan
The Guardians will reinstate him temporarily to active duty and give him the ability to walk again - on one condition.

In the event of Hal's Death - He has to train Jordan's replacement - Kyle Rayner
A young intern graphic artist in John's Architecture company.
Something that rankles with Stewart as hes being replaced as Jordan's backup with some "punk Kid" - but due to his failure to save Xanshi and his wife Katma - he feels its no less than he deserves

John Stewart is glad to be back to active duty, glad to be able to walk again, glad to be given a 2nd chance to redeem himself
But he is a man plagued still by many personal demons and having another Lantern with him on this mission maybe what he needs to stop himself from doubting himself and focus on the matter at hand...

However what they will find when he discovers Jordan - very much alive - will rock him to the core
For Hal and Katma are not dead and brainwashed have joined forces with the worst enemies of the Green Lantern Corps

The Parallax Corps - Led by Ex-Green Lantern SINESTRO!

Can Stewart Train Kyle in time (Gotta have a MONTAGE! :D) to help him defeat this threat?
Can Stewart break the brainwash conditioning of Hal and Katma and together - the four fight off this insidious menace?

Or will he fail and the Light of the Lanterns be extinguished in an Emerald Twilight...

THE B.E.A.C.O.N. battle suit

After the events of Emerald Twilight and Rebirth, and with the new threat of the Sinestro Corps - The Green Lantern Corps decide they need an edge in the oncoming galactic war

So Kilowog and Stewart create the B.E.A.C.O.N. GL armor - Biomechanical. Exo Mantle. Armor. Containing. Oan. Nucleus

I always loved the Darkstars exosuits and wanted to combine some of their design mechanics with the Lantern costume
But give the overall aesthetic a more realistic Xmen/Batman movie look than the comicbook costume

So this is a Darkstar exo-mantle frame adapted to serve as an auxilliary weapons and life support system should the GL powerring run out of energy or be destroyed - which has always left the GL having to improvise without their main weapon or die in the past - Now while those stories were a great read and showed the resourcefulness of the GLs without their powers
Its not something the Guardians - being the supertintelligent beings they are - would actually leave to chance...

I wanted my movie concept of the Green Lanterns to look more like a consolidated galactic police/military force - so made the whole costume more like a SWAT-like tactical armor that could be worn by either sex and adapted to fit other non human races
I also wanted a feel of an astronauts suit to it...
The costumes based loosely on the Batman Forever Kilmer batarmor

I gave it a pure black satin finish over a leathereen flightsuit
the only colors being:-

~ on the Emerald Green transparent Visor - again giving him a look like Sam Jacksons SWAT character in the movie of the same name - which simulates the look of the classic GL Domino mask and updates the look in a more SciFi way.

~ on the signature green GL symbols on the shoulders, back, and Front - the shoulders and back carrying the GL patrol sector designation and their name - Kinda like a Cops badge number and name tag


John Stewart is resculpted from an afro-american 12" THE CORPS action figure (which I thought was very apt considerinf the toylines name :D ) -
lips, jawline, nose have been resculpted, eyes have been filled with flourescent Fimo so his eyes will glow under blacklight
I dremelled the figures hair off and repainted the head in Citadel beast brown and ochre tones and sculpted a light black beard and painted it in Citadel chaos black

Armor was carved from an empty 12" Batman Forever bubble bath figure - carving out the parts individually with a super sharp exacto knife
I added ribbing details from a broken 12" Movie Mr Freeze figure from my 12" fodder bins and sculpted the Moon boots using a more chiselled version of Guy Gardners big boots...

I then sculpted the shoulder, back and chest symbols from flourescent Fimo - again it will glow under black light....

I used spare fodder 12" Darth Vader Gaunlets for his hands - the gauntlets were big enough to hide the crowning touch -

a small but very powerful green LED keyring powered by two 3 Volt watch batteries

I cut a hole in the gauntlets fingers to let the LED light shine thru it
snapped the keyring chain off and after melting with a heated knife a space in the figures forearm, installed the keyring setting it with miliput the glove fitted over snugly...

Lastly I scratchbuilt sculpted a very thin semi transparent Power ring plug over the gauntlet's finger hole
when the right forearm gauntlet is squeezed hard - The power ring LED light shines forth!

User Comments
Unknown User -
Monday, September 17, 2007
thanks very much - yeah we'll have to wait and see
Looking at john again I guess I made him look like a young blad danny glover
Am I "too old for this sh!t?"
no way
ivorygleam -
Sunday, September 16, 2007
I'm glad to see someone putting those stupid 12" corps to good use... with or without the green glowing eyes, Green Latern had to be pretty & this was an excellent touch... we'll have to see how close u r with ur prototype now won't we? then u can ask for royalties!
Unknown User -
Monday, September 3, 2007
Thanks 'mel
Love your stuff too, honey
drop_of_caramel -
Monday, September 3, 2007
Awesome work on this guy! Great job on the face! The beard looks awesome.
Unknown User -
Wednesday, August 8, 2007
Thanks to all of you and the nameless others that chose to vote for me and bothered to leave me some comments on my entries his month
Unknown User -
Thursday, August 2, 2007
Tony Todd would do much better and who said John Stewart was pretty he even jokes that his face is so beat up it looks like a war zone landed on it. He was a soldier how many Marines do you know who have pretty face after a war? And he is suppose to be a captian in the marines if memory serves which means he needs a deep commanding voice. So yeah Tony Todd or Samuel Jackson for an older version and Michael Jai would do well to.
Tony todd always strikes me as a badguy
Michael Jai white can play both good and bad - and being a martial artist - the guys still in peak shape for his age
Sam Jackson might be getting a bit too old now
Bob-A-Ferret -
Thursday, August 2, 2007
Tony Todd would do much better and who said John Stewart was pretty he even jokes that his face is so beat up it looks like a war zone landed on it. He was a soldier how many Marines do you know who have pretty face after a war? And he is suppose to be a captian in the marines if memory serves which means he needs a deep commanding voice. So yeah Tony Todd or Samuel Jackson for an older version and Michael Jai would do well to.
Unknown User -
Thursday, August 2, 2007
He did an American accent in Resident Evil and a Tales from ?The Crypt episode where hes a vampire.
Since folks have a British Batman and soon hopefully a british Punisher
Think he'll do just fine
But I'd like Michael Jai White or Sam Jackson
greymonk -
Thursday, August 2, 2007
well yes, as it stands his British accent would not do, but Many of the British actors can do American accents better than Americans do British accents however your logic is imposible to beat barring a skillful faked accent. OK how about Tony Todd then? (Candyman, Kern from ST: DS9, the undertaker in the Final Destination Movies) Course, Tony Todd aint as pretty as the other guy but that deep gravely voice and the semi psychotic nature would do well I think. Plus I know he could do a bronx accent because I've heard him do one. He has also played soldiers (in Platoon for example) and can carry that role well too.
Bob-A-Ferret -
Wednesday, August 1, 2007
G monk I have to disagree with you the actor you mention is not a bad actor but unless he has a mean ghetto accent I want nothing to do with him being John Stewart I mean come in the guy is from harlem and the bronxs and served in the US Marine corp he can't go around with British accent.
greymonk -
Wednesday, August 1, 2007
couldn't agree more, and now who would make an excellent Jon Stewart in the movie? I like the British guy from the Resident evil movie (and is also the head master from that teasy British show Hex).
fastfreddie -
Wednesday, August 1, 2007
this is one of the sweetest customs and concepts I have seen...great all around execution and the light up ring takes the cake and eats it too! I love this figure and it would make a great prototype of what the movie john stewart would look like in a live action film. great job dude! 5 for sure
Bob-A-Ferret -
Wednesday, August 1, 2007
Ahh now my ol friend the customizer who made this as I well aware of who you are. LOL (not only did you show me WIPs and what not but your love of photoshop tips your hand every time.)
Time for this beauty to be graded Mwhahahahahaha. LOL
I love this fig and though I wish the inner circle of the Gl symbol was bigger as you did in the photomanip with the number in it. I love this fig overall it has a very movie feel to itand a very militaristic uniform the light up ring is defiantly a great touch. Now make the rest of the Human Corp members like that.
Wednesday, August 1, 2007
wow, that is really good. I like the glasses and especially the shining light for his ring. Cool, I think the light shows of his powers. I really like this
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