Return of the Living Dead " Tarman" Zombie figure (Misc) Custom Action Figure
Custom #:3389
Name:Return of the Living Dead " Tarman" Zombie figure
Custom Type:Action Figure
Toy Series:Misc
Date Added:July 29, 2007
Base Figure:Body: Pirates of the Car.Series 1 Cursed Pirate. Head/Hands/Feet: DC Deadman
Height:7.00 inches
Probably one of the greatest zombie movies of all time, ROTLD needed a figure made, and the Tarman would be the best choice ( If you have seen this movie, I think you would agree). I took the cursed pirate figure and removed his head, feet and hands. Used super glue to tighten the hip and waist joints. I then removed the Deadman figures head, cut off his hands ( I drilled holes in them and added articulation to the wrist). I then cut off the feet and connected them to the pirate base. I then sculpted ( using Fixit Sculpt) the loose, decomposing skin and muscle. First painted black, then drybrushes of Game Color brown and Citadel Blood Red, and Citadel Blazing Orange. He has got about 15 points of articulation.

User Comments
CB2001 -
Tuesday, September 27, 2011
I know that this is an older custom, but I've got to say, I like this figure. Seriously, you've definitely captured the concept that was presented in the film and the character designs for the film.
Unknown User -
Tuesday, July 31, 2007
See what I mean about O Bannon? lol that gag reel wouldve been great
Jewel shepard was meant to be playing Trash? the movie just wouldn't be the same
Linnea's just class - met her too - sassy
TPCustomStudio -
Tuesday, July 31, 2007
I truly am. I have loved this movie since the first time I saw it back in 89. I even have a Tar Man tattoo. I am pissed about the new DVD coming in Sept. No Gag Reel which they have because it has too much stuff making fun of O'Bannon on it so they decided not to use it. And no deleted scenes from the workprint ( I have that on VHS, but a cleaner DVD copy would have been better).
I can't believe Jewel Shepard was supposed to get that role...Yeah I think I will work on a dancing crypt Trash as soon as I finish the custom I am working on now. Which is coming along nicely
Unknown User -
Tuesday, July 31, 2007
Lol okmy friend fair enough - but work for a bad person sometime that changes their mind on your work that they were quite happy with in the beginning and hires others to replace you
Its happened to me and several friends to be treated like Ol' Bill - its not a nice feeling at all.
When you see some of Bill's work in person - at his effects table - the guys no hack - his stuff looks better than most of the Chiodo's and John Beuchler's FullMoon/Empire work from around the same period
Its cool youre as passionate about the movie as much as I am - tho it appears I'm defending Bill's work too much - its actually offering a balance to O'Bannon's side of the story - and its important to maintain that balance
I too have seen production stuff and anyone that knows about how early maquette work is made for SFX in movies will know that what you seen may have been the early work that was done - the test stuff - I support this with the fact that Bill took most of the pieces he made with him after the production ended so acrimoniously
And yes I'm in total agreement that Return of The Living Dead is one of the best black comedy-horror movies of the late 80s...
Linnea's tomb striptease - just made it simply outstanding - good casting call O'Bannon LMAO
TPCustomStudio -
Tuesday, July 31, 2007
Thanks Monk. I have plans for more zombie customs for the future. so look out!
greymonk -
Tuesday, July 31, 2007
disgustingly I love the undead stuff and you definitely did this justice! hat's off to ya!
TPCustomStudio -
Tuesday, July 31, 2007
It's really cool to also find someone into this movie as much as me. You're right though, there is two sides to every story. I just happen to agree with O'Bannon after seeing some of the behind the scenes fx stuff. Yeah, I know O'bannon is a bad person, one of the reasons why I like him. lol. But all in all, we can agree, ROTLD is a great film no matter what.
Unknown User -
Tuesday, July 31, 2007
Lol I know a lot about the film and the people involved with it, man - and forgive me - but I don't need to "read up on it a little"
And theres always TWO sides to every story and accepting O'Bannons and discounting Bill's is unfair
With regard to the film posters and the original concept designs - then the end product,,,with the amount of "non stars" they hired to save budget and having a sexy nymphet schlock horror queen like Iowa's Linnea Quigley in tow as the "doomed hottie"
It was pretty much set in stone - for them to save face - that Return was going to be a definitely more "tongue in cheek" version of Romero's stuff from the off - with a lot of the design work based on an EC horror comics kinda style...
EC Horror comics Zombies were very exaggerated and "halloween mask"-like and thats what O'Bannon begin with....
Dan O'Bannon is a admittedly genius - hes been helming or writing with Ronald Shushett some of my favorite films over the decades.
but as is the case with most geniuses - from Kubrick to Cameron - They expect total perfection too much and tend to piss off members of the crew
He had a a lot of problems with trying to distance himself from Romeros and John Russo's "more realistic" Zombie film "Night Of The Living Dead" and Romero's "Dawn of The Dead" and "Day of The Dead" making his own style of Zombie
For this he hired Bill....and was happy with his work as he worked with the designs he was given.
The only reason he Can't sue Bill for his work being "fraudulent"is he was quite satisfied with it in the beginning but alledgedly balked at it after critiques from the studio and others that it wasn't as "good" as Romero/Savini Zombie movies more "realistic" effects
This has been well documented in the pages of Fangoria and other Horror related trade magazines
THATs when Bill was replaced by the new guy - but Bill still oversaw the construction as senior effects artist - eventually things got so bad between O'Bannon and Bill - that he left he production
NOT fired.
Most of the Zombies RUN in Return Of the Living Dead than shamble like Romero's ones (The running Zombie being echoed in 28 Days later and Dawn of The Dead Remake) and "realistic" Zombies are thrown out the window in favor of tongue in cheek spectacle - however he still delivered chills because they could sprint...
The fx in the film run the gamut from the "halloween like" mask zombies that you profess, like O'Bannon. to scourn made by Bill to some really nice light animatronics like the half corpse
The fact of the matter is - ALL the effects worked in the idiom of the films design
As its meant to be enjoyed with a rotting tongue sliding out thru rotted cheek
The budget of RETURN was meager - hardly decent
But the overall feeling of the film isnt stark horror like Romeros works - but exaggerated beer n pizzas Gross out Horror Comedy - and for that RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD succeeds admirably
Once again great model you made - but the reason that Bill didn't do it that way without the trousers and more thin n bony is O'Bannon wasn't pleased with the test effects of having a life size marionette (which he eventually used as the "POP OUT GRAVE SKELETON&quot
NOR did O'Bannon want to repeat James Cameron/Winstons Terminator stop motion effects to make the Tarman walk - as O'Bannon had a feud with Cameron and others over the Alien sequel
His only option was to use a "living Skeleton" freak performer from a local sideshow - but for legal reasons at the time and the health of the individual on Night shoots he couldnt...
Using an anorexic performer has paid off in later years for fx shots like Aphyx Twin's "Come to Daddy" music video Demon and the Skeletal Judge in the Movie "GRAVE DANCERS"
Anyway I love your work - roll on with Linnea Quigley as 'Trash'
TPCustomStudio -
Tuesday, July 31, 2007
No I hear you, but if you read up alittle, O'Bannon had to avoid close ups on almost all the zombies munns did cause in his words, they looked like cheap halloween masks. They had to bring in a second guy for all the closeups and every cool fx you see ( the half woman, closeup on yellow cadaver, close ups on Tar Man, were done not by munns. O'Bannon even said he would have sued munns for fraud if he could.The budget was decent for a horror film back then, Savini probably just said that to be nice considering how this film and Romero's Day of the Dead went head on. for the figure, yes adding the pants would have made him alittle more movie accurate, but I did him as he would have truly been.... and Trash well I can always add a "censored" bar across any areas of her deemed unsuitable for minors
Unknown User -
Tuesday, July 31, 2007
This I know - but the "trousers" look added something to the Tarman - it gave more emphasis to the top half of him being so decayed
Since I know Bill Mutts pretty well - From meeting him at a couple of horror film festivals appearances and corresponding with him - I disagree with you that he was a crappy special FX artist - he was a good special fx artist with the budget he had at hand
And the budget on Return wasn't huge
Tom Savini himself has went on record saying that he wished he could do what Mutts did on the budget he had
Mutts is the master of macguyver modelmaking in the meager money movies
Alliteration aside - I hope you get my point
Looking forward to Linnea's "Trash" punk character - but I doubt they'll let you post the naked, tomb dancing on FR
TPCustomStudio -
Monday, July 30, 2007
Thanks everyone. He was a labor of love. , I think I am going to add to this, by creating a base with his green canister.
CplHicks -
Monday, July 30, 2007
I love this custom!!!!!!
I also loved the movie.
Greatness all the way around!!!!!
TheTransTorture -
Monday, July 30, 2007
Yah ! ....Awesome zombie...*I think I'll have ribs for dinner* me weird cravings....
Marvelzombie26 -
Monday, July 30, 2007
Man I am stunned be this work great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rateeg -
Monday, July 30, 2007
this is one of the best zombie custom around.
excellent job!
Punstarr -
Monday, July 30, 2007
I remember him! Excellent fig!
But yeah, the naked punk chick was the most memorable thing in that whole movie.
TPCustomStudio -
Monday, July 30, 2007
Actually, In the movie he was SUPPOSED tohave looked like melting flesh at the bottom according to William Stout's designs but Bill Mutts was a crappy FX artist and and just taped bones to black dress pants. That's why they look like trousers..cause in reality they were. But the intention was drippy bones.... Funny you mention Linnea Quigley....
Unknown User -
Monday, July 30, 2007
(echoy drippy voice)
F***in excellent custom from a F***in excellent movie
Now....Tp ....pssst - come here....
Make me a naked, tomb dancing Linnea Quigley from that movie and I'll love you forever
Great stuff man
Tho one crit is - the Tarman had trousers on he wasn't pure bone on the bottom half
(Goes off to listen to The Cramps 'Surfin' Dead')
TPCustomStudio -
Monday, July 30, 2007
Also I forgot to mention that his mouth opens and closes.
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