Zombie Grevious (Please Read Story) (Star Wars) Custom Action Figure
Custom #:50318
Name:Zombie Grevious (Please Read Story)
Custom Type:Action Figure
Toy Series:Star Wars
Date Added:June 2, 2013
Base Figure:TCW General Grevious
Height:3.50 inches
Completion Time:3.00 hours
Articulation:7 points
'Ten more minutes and we're home free,' Nomi thought as they made their way across the abandoned hanger. It had been over a standard week now since the pirate attack had forced her ship to land on Mustafar. Stranding her and the three clones assigned to escort her there until they could find a way off.
As the door hissed open leading into one of the hanger bays, Nomi could taste the dry,stale air that wafted its way forward as they entered. The stench caused her to wrinkle her noise in disgust and made her secretly long for one of the troopers sealed helmets. As they crept through the hanger, Nomi spotted the remnants of old abandoned droid fighters scattered across the bay.
One of the troopers, 09, she thought, remarked, "Stang, I bet these relics haven't seen any action since Geonosis." Wiping the dust off a panel of a nearby star fighter, the blue armored lieutenant shook his head in agreement. "Yep, and you can bet that none of these fossils can get us off this hot rock either." The third trooper, not really paying attention to the present conversation, pointed up ahead at a small hatch. "Sir, according to the scanner that door is our way out." The lieutenant looked in the direction he was pointing. "Good job 62. Everyone move out."
Nomi was the first one to reach the door. Upon hearing that the door was the way out she picked up the pace in hopes of not having to breath the stagnant air much longer. After a few attempts to open it she angrily remarked,"Its no good. I think it's rusted shut." 09 stepped forward,"Don't worry mam, I'll have that door open faster than you can say mynock soup."
Stepping aside, Nomi curiously watched as the trooper walked over to the wall-mounted control panel, opened it, and began to cut and splice several multi-colored wires. All at once there was a large electrical pop that caused sparks to shower the floor and everyone close by.
"Firefek! Now I guess we know the green wire doesn't connect to the blue one." 09 remarked with a chuckle. " You don't say. Whatever gave you that idea?" 62 commented. Up above Nomi noticed the dimly lit lights were starting to flicker. Only a little at first, but then getting more and more sporadic, until finally going out all together.
Darkness fell, covering everyone in a dark blanket of nothingness. Instantly, three helmet lights came to life, casting beams of light into the void. "I don't think that was me." 09 said as he stared at the dissected panel. The lieutenant, obviously growing impatient remarked, "I don't care who did it. Jus get the door open 09." With a nod 09 returned to his work.
Nomi stared back at the hanger bay they just crossed, waiting of her eyes to adjust to the darkness. Everything looked different in the dark, more intimidating and foreign. As they waited, sounds of gears rotating could be heard radiating from the darkness. Started Nomi asked,"What was that?" Turning away from watching 09, the lieutenant stared into the darkness. "Probably just lava rats. I imagine this place is full of them." Then glancing at Nomi he added,"Nothing to concern yourself with,mam."
Accepting the lieutenant's answer, Nomi dismissed her fears for the moment and secretly scolded herself for being easily frightened. "Almost got it." 09 reported with satisfaction in his voice. Thrilled at the news, Nomi turned and began to watch 09 with eager anticipation, dismissing the sounds she heard.
But as she watched, she noticed the sounds were getting louder....getting closer. The sounds of stripped gears straining to do their jobs. The noise became so loud that it caused the troopers to stop their work and stare back into the void. "If that's a lava rat then I'm a wampa." 62 interjected. The noise grew louder. Then with one final turn of the gears, the noise immediately stopped. "Well, whatever it was its gone now." 09 said as he listened.
But before anyone could answer, the familiar sound of a lightsaber activating in the distance cut through the silence, covering everything close by in an eerie shade of shade of green. Without hesitation, all three troopers assumed an attack position. Placing themselves directly in front of Nomi, rifles trained in the direction of the saber. Seeing that the lightsaber was green, Nomi recalled a Holonews article she read one time. It was the history of the Jedi order. More specifically it talked about their weapons and how each color represented something different. She couldn't remember everything, but what she did remember was that the 'Bad Jedi' used red sabers, where as the 'Good Jedi' used colors like: green, blue, and yellow.
With that in mind, Nomi eased toward the lieutenant and whispered, "I don't believe they mean any harm. Only 'Good Jedi' use green lightsabers." The lieutenant, still in attack position, tilted his head in Nomi's direction. "If that's true then why did they ignite their lightsaber?" Nomi was puzzled. "What do you mean?" "I mean the only time I've seen Jedi activate one of those things was when they meant to use it." Nomi was quiet, staring at the motionless, hovering lightsaber. Why did they ignite their lightsaber?
All at once, the lieutenant spoke in a loud, clear tone. "Identify yourself."......There was silence......"Identify yourself or we will open fire." With that statement Nomi could hear the clicks of the safety switches being turned off on each of the troopers weapons.
Through the darkness a voice replied. It sounded painful and flawed. Each word followed closely by a gasping, chronic, sickening cough. Everyone strained to listen as the raspy words began to form a sentence......I....AM.....DEATH.
The answer sent a jolt through Nomi as a gut-wrenching chill overpowered her. She watched as the extended lightsaber slowly made its way back to its owner, reveling who they were. As the green light began to illuminate the silloutte, Nomi could made out the worn, broken down frame of a creature. Covered in rust and dried oil, she could hear the gears squealing as it swayed up and down with each forced breath. It had four arms with the exception of one that was missing. It's head was drooping slightly with several damages across the facial plate,exposing damaged tissue and metal. Not to mention the crater-like hole in the upper part of the skull reveling what Nomi thought to be brains. The creatures overall appearance was terrifying and caused Nomi to shake with fear of what might happen.
"I know him." 62 said. "I heard a guy on Utapou describe a droid general that matches this guys description. They called him Grevious. At least they did until General Kenobi killed him." "Looks like evil didn't die, it just evolved. Troopers open fire!" Upon hearing the lieutenant's Oder the troops unleashed a barrage of blaster fire in the cyborgs direction.
Grevious let out a horrifying, painful laugh an began to lunge forward, coughing and wheezing as he ran. Blaster bolts began to beat against its frame, leaving only burned holes as evidence, but still it pressed onward. As Grevious came closer, the lieutenant managed to bounce a shot off the durasteel floor and hit it in its metallic rib cage. Grevious let out a blood-curtling scream as a greenish liquid sprayed from its wound, covering its robotic exoskeleton with the nasty excrement. Screams of pain soon turned to anger as Grevious immediately lept into the air, intending to plunge his weapon into anyone he could.
"Scatter!" was the only word the lieutenant spoke as everyone scrambled out of the way of the attack. With a large electrical crack the lightsaber struck. Fortunately, the attack was a miss and the saber sliced through the control panel where 09 was just working. The door immediately began to open, allowing everyone the option of escape. "Everyone out, now!" The lieutenant shouted as he grabbed Nomi and made a mad dash out the door. 09 was next, followed by 62, who remained behind to provide cover fire.
As 62 cleared the doorway he felt something grasp his left arm. Looking down he saw that Grevious' spider-like hand had latched on to him. Nomi and the others watched in horror as 62 frantically tried to free himself, firing several shots in self defense. Grevious began to laugh as he hoisted the trooper off the ground and with a swipe of its lightsaber 62's helmet fell to the ash covered ground.
Nomi's stomach sank as she watched the grizzly scene and heard the remains troops curse and fire relentlessly at the cyborg.
Grevious took a menacing step forward, still grasping the decapitated body, and with what seemed like little effort, squeezed his hand causing the troopers forearm to burst loose from the rest of the body. Blood sprayed Grevious as he kicked the troopers remains into a nearby lava pit and laughed as the body erupted into flames and disappeared out of sight. Lightsaber in one hand and 62's arm in the other, Grevious placed one foot on top of the fallen soldiers helmet and gave them a intimidating stare.
"What do we do now, Sir?" 09 asked, his voice shaking a bit. "We fight." The lieutenant responded without hesitation. "But Sir, there is no way we can win this." The lieutenant became quiet, staring at Grevious and the helmet of this fallen comrade it had carelessly propped it's foot up on. Mustering as much defiance as he could he replied, "Then we'll take take son of a kriffin with us!"

Thank u so much for reading this! I apologize for the length of it, but I enjoy writing these stories! Almost as much as I do creating the figures I write about. Lol the base figure was a clone war Grevious that I modified. Really enjoyed making him, especially with all the add-on's like the loose hanging wires and the green guts. Lol PLEASE comment and let me know if you think I should continue writing these stories with each of my figure entries or if I should just shut up. Ha also if u have any ideas on who or what else I could zombiefy in the Star Wars universe PLEASE let me know! I valve your opinions and thanks once more for checking this out!!!

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scorpio13 -
Sunday, June 9, 2013
I gotta say I've never been into star wars but I really enjoy reading ur stories.they have a really desperate creepy feel to them and don't get me wrong I mean that in a good way.u seem to have a real talent for story telling and if I were u I wouldn't dream of stopping.
NeCrollector -
Sunday, June 2, 2013
Cool story, brother. Yes, a bit long, but a fun read. Love the custom, as well!
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