Vehicle Customs
Tie Fighter - scratch-built (Star Wars)
by William Kirk
The scratch-built Tie Fighter dimensions are 42 x 33 x 35 cm (cca 16,8´x 13,2´x 14´). It took me almost half a year to finish this model, but I didn´t have time to work on it every day. As always I...[See More]
Bush Devil Tracker Overhaul (Jurassic Park)
by PickleMunkey
I'm a massive Jurassic Park fan. I've loved the films for as long as I can remember, and one of my favourite parts about Jurassic Park is the vehicles. I always wanted a Bush Devil Tracker as a kid....[See More]
COBRA Stinger Vehicle (G.I. Joe)
by Jason Stead
Started with a McFarlane Warthog. Stripped the interior out (as done with previous Warthog conversion). I then dremelled out parts not needed anymore. Cut down the Console to make a much smaller one...[See More]
Lieutenant Lepira and his Gold 4 Y-Wing (Star Wars)
by lost_convoyeur
Oh boy, where to start. I wanted to upgrade a 2007 30th Anniversary Y-Wing to give it all the new features Hasbro added to their 2011 Vintage Collection Y-Wing. First I cut off the top part of the...[See More]
Avengers Shield Quinjet (Avengers)
Made from plastic and acrylic board materials , with built in led lights and a motorized fan in ti's wings powered by 12 volts power adaptor. scale for marvel universe action figures height 22 1/2...[See More]
Bowser Jr's Clown Car (Super Smash Bros.)
by Wakeangel2001
I always feel self conscious about my collection of Burger King Kids Meal pokemon toys because the balls were recalled after a child smothered to death with one, but they are so convenient for custom...[See More]
Aurra's swoop (Star Wars)
by Edgy 3
I really think I made Aurra so I would have to make her swoop bike. The blue piece is the top of a fabreeze bottle holes drilled added fish tank air hose with metal wire insert ( to strengthen and...[See More]
Mad max Interceptor (Mad Max)
by pyramidhead22
This has been a project I've wanted to do for along time. I was out at my local meijer and stumbled upon the hollywood series 1:24 scale ford falcon the last v8 interceptor and had to get it. And...[See More]
1/6 Blue Assault Walker (501st) (Star Wars)
by Mr-X
Nothing too exciting, another spare walker I had, this time done in blue with the 501st colors in mind. I had done a 501st based one a while back, but decided to revisit it with a similar but...[See More]
Party Wagon Turtle Van (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
by FigureHunterCustoms
Turtle Van made from a Imaginext Monsters Inc van. Figure is a windup toy from the 2000 series cartoon. Bits of fodder and some paint. Took much longer to do than expected. The toy still...[See More]
Cobra Spider C.A.T. (G.I. Joe)
by Tankster
Cobra Spider C.A.T. Updated version of the Cobra C.A.T. this Tank can traverse any Terrain keeping with tradition the Original Color Scheme was used. I wanted to make a Spider Mech with as little...[See More]
Classic Batmobile 1:12 Scale (DC Universe)
by DragonSuperFan
Greetings Bat fans. Stop me if you've heard this one. Perhaps the most regrettable thing about Mattel's DC Universe Classics line is the fact that we never received a proper Batmobile to go with any...[See More]
1/6 Assault Walker (Yellow) (Star Wars)
by Mr-X
I did end up buying a few of them... Heavily cleaned first, then repainted. I wanted it to look like my other walkers-worn and battleborn, but not overdone. A few washes and dry brushes later and I...[See More]
1/6 Assault Walker (Green) (Star Wars)
by Mr-X
I found a few more of these 12 inch scale Assault walkers and I do so much enjoy working on them. There are so few decent 1/6 vehicles that are priced reasonably and even less in Star Wars lines, so...[See More]
BATMAN BEYOND BATWING (concept) (Batman Beyond)
by IC Customs International
Another full repaint of the 1993 Kenner Batman The Animated Series Batplane using Flat Black paint, Formula P3, Vallejo, Mr Hobby Metallic red for the Batman logo, and clear top coat. It's also...[See More]
Royal Starfighter (aotc) (Star Wars)
by IC Customs International
Full repaint of the Star Wars Episode III Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi Starfighter using chrome paint, Tamiya smoke, Vallejo silver, Mr Hobby Metallic blue green, and two layers of clear top coat. It's...[See More]
Ghost Rider 2099's Ford Velociraptor 900 (Ghost Rider)
by Brammarley
Recipe: Rocksteady Motorcycle from TMNT movie Parts from random Halo Vehicle Random parts from bin After buying the new Marvel Legends Ghost Rider Hell cycle I started to notice how...[See More]
Thor's Carriage (Marvel)
by hcdragon
Thor's carriage is a carol used by Thor, to travel far with other people in vast expanses of space. The carriage is pushed by magical goats Tanngnjóstr (Toothgnasher) and Tanngrisnir (Toothgrinder)...[See More]
3.75" Clone Wars Battle Damaged Freeco Speeder & Obi Wan (Star Wars)
by 1kobocop
Another Happy Landing! Here is a beautiful battle damaged speeder & General Obi Wan, as he appeared in his peak during the Clone Wars tv series. He has a super articulated body, ball hinge knees,...[See More]
Thor's chariot (Marvel Legends)
by torkmaker64
This is something I've wanted to do for some time now. Thor's chariot is made completely from scratch from wood. I made it big enough so Thor can take 1 or 2 others with him as he flies across the...[See More]
Smidg's cart and Gerty the pig (Dungeons and Dragons)
by Edgy 3
Casting a illusion of a field of corn and apples just in front of the pig Smidg is rarely late. Had a lot of fun with this one hand made balsa wood and wood shapes from the art store. Wood stain and...[See More]
Feliner (Thundercats)
by Arturomilomir
Feliner was designed in solidworks , is ready for mass production , it took many hours to design him , I hope you guys like it...[See More]
Thanos Space Throne BAF (Marvel)
by bawvu97
3D Modeled, 3D Printed, Primed, Sanded, Primed Again, Sanded Again and then airbrushed with createx silver. Undecided whether to do a wash...[See More]
Ghost Rider & Hellcycle (Marvel Legends)
by Rob Dastardly
This is just a simple repaint of the new Marvel Legends Ghost Rider and Hellcycle that released earlier this year. I personally didn't care for the blue colors and stripe they used so I decided to...[See More]
Punisher Assault Van (Marvel Legends)
by Rob Dastardly
This is my take on an old recipe. My first custom, I'm happy with how it came out. Added windshield and driver and passenger windows, working headlights, mesh rear windows and weapons array....[See More]
Mine cart (DuckTales)
by RagtagRuss
Hey all out there in the realm. I really like these new Funko Disney afternoon figures and intend to get all the Duck universe figures. The photo on the back of the package inspired me to make this...[See More]
WARTHOG ATV Adventure Team (G.I. Joe)
by Jason Stead
Mcfarlane HALO warthog is base vehicle. Mezco and other 1/12 don't quite fit so some seating Modification was done. Then set her up in this RED scheme. Now apart of AT "RAIDERS" Motorpool You...[See More]
Inferno Squad Speeder (Star Wars)
by Vern
Repaint of Rey's Jakku Speeder, imagined as Inferno Squad Speeder. The original speeder was painted with Testors Acrylic paints. The black was masked and the symbol painted on through stencil....[See More]
Aragorn (Marvel Legends)
by narcosilva
I drilled a hole in shadowfax and attached the spring pegs from an Angel toybiz figure so it will retain its articulation. I sealed the holes and painted them to blend with the rest of the body....[See More]
Lobo space hog (DC Universe)
by crossbones zuñiga
The main body was made out of mdf all tbe rest of the vehicle was sculpted the horn head its tundra head also add led light on the turbines and front light the base was made out of foam and...[See More]
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