Penny & Brain (Inspector Gadget) Custom Action Figure
Custom #:22445
Name:Penny & Brain
Custom Type:Action Figure
Toy Series:Inspector Gadget
Date Added:June 16, 2010
Base Figure:Star Wars and G.I Joe
Height:3.50 inches
I wanted to continue my venture of the Inspector Gadget Characters. So I introduce to you, Penny & Brain. Of course, they are not the typical characters that you might now. They are versions of my own, In a less comical and more "Mature" world.

Penny was made using legs, waist, and arms from various Star Wars figures in my fodder bin. The chest is from a Cover Girl of the Rise of Cobra line, and her head is from a Spat figure, from Marvel's Most Wanted line.


Follows is a in-depth background story that I wrote about Penny and Brain's background.

Penny and Brain Background

“Inspector Jacob Brown 48, Metro law enforcement officer for 18 years and had received the prestigious Medal of Honor, died Thursday morning in Metro City General after sustaining several gunshot wounds while on duty. He is survived by his wife of 22 years, Jennie Brown and there children, daughter Mary & son John. Services are 10:30 A.M. Monday, June 26. At the Fosters Funeral Home located at 919 83rd Street. Internment is at 1:30 P.M. at the Westland Cemetery.”
On a yellowed piece of newspaper in an old scrapbook these words faded. “Was this grandpa?” asked a four year old little girl with blonde hair and pigtails, sitting in her mothers lap. “Yes baby, this was your grandpa and my daddy.” The little girl’s mother replied, with a smile. “He was a brave man, who fought many bad guys.” The little girl stared at the paper “Who is Jennie?” the mother smiled, “That’s your grandmother, and John is your uncle, and Mary is me.” The little girl nodded and yawned, the woman closed her book. “But that is for another night, right now its bedtime little one.” The little girl gave a sigh and climbed down clutching her stuffed bear and went to bed under the covers. She kissed the daughter, her bear, and turned on the nightlight. “Goodnight mommy.” The little girl said from under the covers. “Goodnight Penny.” The mother replied as she closed the door. “Time to get back” Mary said to herself.
Penny’s parents worked all the time and penny was raised by nannies, one would come and stay for a month or two and then would leave. She never understood why they kept leaving and because she was homeschooled she had no friends. Mary, her mother was a scientist and worked day and night before penny was born. Sometimes she wouldn’t see her for days. Penny’s father, who she never really saw at all, was never at home. He would sleep at hotels or at his office. Her parents fought all the time. Whenever they would be in one room together, they would always fight. It was always about work, money, and sometimes even about penny.
On her 6th birthday, her mother brought Penny a little yellow puppy. “He’s a very special puppy penny.” Her mother told her, “He will always take care of you, even when I can’t.” He wore a bright red collar around his neck with a tag. “We’ll call him Brain, because he is so smart.” She explained. Mary had always felt bad for Penny, raising her in a broken home and never having a relationship more then a few bed time stories. “I’m sorry penny for not being a better mother.” She said. “Don’t say that mommy, you’re the best and I know you work hard to make the world a better place.” She told her mother with a smile. Mary started to cry and hugged her daughter’s neck.
What Mary didn’t want penny to know was that this dog was more than just that. He was the first successful recipient of NanoMobots, Mary’s lifelong achievement and creation. After her father’s death, she made a promise that what happened to him would never happen to anyone else ever again. So she became one of the world’s greatest scientists to create this great savior of mankind.
Brain was part animal and part machine. When he was born, he had several birth defects, his right back leg was crippled and they said he wasn’t going to live very long, but as a test subject for Mary’s NanoMobots research he was a prime candidate for the treatment. So after he received the shot and a few hours of steady sleep, the NanoMoBots worked on his crippled body and was repairing it. Soon he was up and eating, his growth had slowed and after several weeks of continued surveillance and study, Mary was able to replicate her progress into many other candidates but unknown to anyone else she implanted the secrets of her creations within brain’s mechanical body so that it would never fall into the wrong hands. After almost a month of continued research and implicating the NanoMobots to humans she had deemed that any further research on brain in the lab would not be beneficial, and that he needed to be raised in an outside environment to see how well he could adapt in a normal lifestyle. She brought him home
Penny and Brain became inseparable. Penny had started reading her mother’s college books out of boredom and she was able to understand a lot of it. She began to seek acceptance and escape in books, she became a fan of Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, and Miss Marple, great detectives she could work side by side with and help solve crimes. She was considerably smart and advanced for her young age. Brain stayed right beside her the whole time, a constant companion. Her father had decided to moved back in and since her mothers NanoMobots had become such a success she was able to stay home a little bit more and even though her parents still fought it was comforting to have them back under the same roof as her. Then one day, everything changed again.
It was on a Sunday morning before Penny’s 8th birthday when there was a knock on her bedroom door. Brain was sleeping at her feet, the sun was just starting to shine through the curtains, and the clock said 9:45am. “Penny, I need to talk to you.” It was her father’s voice. “Come in daddy.” She replied as he opened the door. His face was red, wet, and full of anger. It was a look that she had never seen from either one of her parents. “It’s about your mother penny, she’s gone, and she has died.”
The clock said 9:46 and it seemed to stay that way for what seemed like hours. “There were three men who broke into her lab last night and she was shot because she wouldn’t give them her stupid nano thing.” Penny couldn’t believe this, it couldn’t have happened, how her father could talk about her mother’s life work like that, calling it stupid, she wanted to slap him, she thought in her mind. “DON’T SAY THAT!” Penny got up from bed and ran past her father and into the hall. “MOM!” she screamed, “MOMMY!” she continued to the stairs, to the parlor, the kitchen and out the front door. “MOMMY, WHERE ARE YOU!!” she screamed as she fell to her knees, beating her fists on the wet grass. Her father came running out of the front door, “Penny, stop this!” he said sternly, “Someone will see you.” He picked her up and carried her back inside where brain sat waiting for her. She fell to her knees on the hardwood floor and wrapped her arms around brain and cried, never letting go. Her father shouted a few obscenities and walked out the front door and left, again.
The next couple of days blurred together in a haze of darkness, hatred, and despair. Screams, tears, and an empty office where her mother would stay up all night in. The phone is now ringing all the time. Her father is always yelling and the nannies have stopped coming all together. All she can make out now is standing in a black dress under an umbrella in the pouring rain next to her father. There was nobody at the funeral, just the two of them. She was staring at a dark brown casket that was going to be lowered into the ground; she looked up at her father. He was talking on his phone, she looked back at Brain who was sitting patiently in there car. She turned back to her mother’s casket and thoughts of truly being alone made her cry; her father showed no emotion at all, He was cold. He had always thought of his marriage as a waste of time and his daughter Penny as a burden that he didn’t have time to deal with. Penny felt everyone she ever loved hated her, her mother was gone and now her father was leaving again.
Her eyes drifted up and past the casket through the pouring rain she saw a figure walking toward them. She was scared and grabbed for her father’s leg, “Stop that penny!” He said firmly, “Can’t you see I’m on the phone?” This man stopped across from them, watching the casket lower. As penny’s father looked over at this man, he hung up the phone. “Penny, take the umbrella and wait for me at the car.” She had never seen her father like this before, “Who was this man?” she wondered.
Penny walked back toward the car as the rain started to light up she could hear a few words of there conversation. “Where the hell where you at John!?” her father shouted. “I didn’t know, they kept me out of it because she was my sister.” The other man replied. “That’s a bunch of bull, I thought you were supposed to protect and serve.” Penny’s father ranted. “Look, I’m not here to argue, I’m here to pay my respects.” The man who claimed to be her mother’s brother walked towards penny. “I bet you don’t remember me,” he said with a smile. Brain was barking inside of the car at this person. He raised his hand towards brain, and he stopped barking. “Wow, that some dog you got there.” He knelt down. “I’m your uncle. You probably don’t remember me huh? The only time I ever saw you was right after you were born.” He gave her a warm smile, and the rain seemed to calm down to a stop as if a sign was being given.
They continued to talk for a while, and penny learned about her uncle, she never knew anything about him, with her parents busy work schedule they never had time for family. He worked for the Metro City Police Department just like grandpa. “I’m going to make you a promise penny, “He started, “I’m going to catch the guys who did this.” He said. She nodded, “John we need to leave.” Her father called over, “Well, I guess I’ll see you around kid.” Her uncle said as he poked her on the nose. “Take care of that dog, he’s a keeper.” He said walking off. She turned to wave at him, and as she did there was a white conversion van that was parked a few feet away and a man with white hair was holding a camera in the front seat, she stared for a minute, and then it suddenly sped off.
For the next couple of weeks, the world was dark and grey. Penny lived in her room. She was able to deal with the pain due to the fact that she never really saw her parents but on occasion, but that didn’t stop the hurting, it was her mother who she loved and cherished so it was hard. Her father had turned to drinking to help deal with the weight of everything. The telephone would ring late at night, or there would be a knock at the door. After wards she could hear her father yelling and throwing things, screaming and cursing. She wanted to leave and run away.
Weeks turn to months, then a year had almost passed by, days blurred together and penny was all alone except for brain. Her father would come by every now and then but leave after a few hours in his study, never saying anything to her. “How long before anyone realizes that I’m here” she asked brain, he looked back to her and licked her cheek. “Well, at least I’ve got you.” Then suddenly, there was a loud banging at the door, Brain started to bark, and took off out of penny’s room, “No boy, where not supposed to open it!” She stood up, “Brain, get back here!” she shouted in a hushed tone.
“We know your in there little girl!” a voice shouted behind the door that echoed down her spine. Her father wasn’t home; he had been gone for a few weeks now. So she was all alone in the house. “Open the door, we just want to talk to you.” another voice said. Brain was standing at the top of the steps that led down to the front door; he had stopped barking but was in a defensive stance. “Come on little girl. HEY, I’ve got some ice cream for you!” The second voice said. She was able to look down and through the little window next to the door, and saw two men. One with white hair, it was the same man from earlier. “Brain, come on.” She whispered at him. “Let’s go.” She pleaded, but he would not budge, he was ready to attack anything that came through that door. She snuck back to her room to get to the phone. “Were not waiting all day, we’ve came all this way child.” The first voice said, “Do not upset us.” At this time, penny had called the Metro Police Department, “How can I direct your call?” a nasally voice said on the phone line,“I need John Brown.” The scared little girl whispered, “I’m sorry, he’s out on medical leave, I can put you in touch with another officer if you’d like. “Anyone, there’s people.” the woman had switched to another extension without even listening. The men downstairs were beating on the door trying to break it down. Ring, Bang Bang, Ring, Bang Bang, Ring, “This is chief Quimby, how may I help you?” A raspy voice said over the phone. “I need help!” The girl whispered in fear, “ok, where are you at and what’s going on.” He replied in a hasty tone, “I’m at 24 Green Leaf Drive, there are two men that are trying to break in, one has white hair and I can’t see the other one.” She could hear the chief on a radio in the background calling in someone. “Don’t worry, help is on the way.” Then all of a sudden, penny heard glass shattering, followed by brain barking like crazy. She closed her eyes and hid under her bed. The next thing she heard was gunshots followed by police sirens in the distance. “DAMN IT, I knew we should have cut the phone lines first.” The voice of the second man yelled. “Let’s get out of here.” Then heavy foot steps of running men. “Brain..?” the little scared girl whispered with her eyes still closed. “Brain?” She could hear him walking slow downstairs, and then running. He joined her under her bed.
A few minutes went by and penny was in her room, talking to a short man with a large moustache and a face that looked like a vase with too many cracks. His name was Chief Quimby and he was writing notes in his notepad. “He was about 6 ft, maybe 6’5 with solid white hair.” She was describing the first man, “I didn’t get a good look at the second one.” He scribbled in his pad, “I think I’ve seen the white haired man before.” Quimby stopped, “Where at?” She turned and zoned out for a moment, “It was at my mother’s funeral, I thought I saw him in a white van, taking pictures.” The chief seemed to zone out as well, “Funeral?” Was it Mary browns?” Penny’s vision had snapped back to reality, “How did you know, she was my mother.” The chief kneeled down and placed his hand on her shoulder, “My god, you poor thing.” He started, “First your mother, then your uncle.” She gave him a confused look, “What? Did something happen to Uncle John?” The chief stood up and looked around for a minute. “They didn’t tell you?” She shook her head as brain sat down next to her, “He had a terrible accident, but now he’s alright. He’s a little different, but he’s alive.” She continued to stare at him absentminded. “Come on, I’ll take you to go see him.” She was going to follow him, but then she stopped and grabbed brain’s neck. “Can he come too? If it wasn’t for him something bad might have happened.” The chief stopped for a moment. “Of course, I heard that he was a good dog, but where is your father at?” She started to walk with brain to the chief, “I don’t know, I haven’t seen him in a few weeks now.” She walked out and passed the other officers that were in her home and got into the chiefs car. We’ll find him, but let’s take a ride.”
They pulled up to the gates of the large Metro City Science Labs and went inside. “Penny, you wait right here and I’ll go get your uncle, But remember he’s a little different than before.” She nodded. Chief Quimby walked over and talked to the woman at the front desk, and then got on an elevator. He received a phone call in the elevator saying that they had found penny’s father, he was in his car at his office parking deck with a bullet hole in his head, a 45 caliber handgun in one hand and an empty bottle in the other, There was a note that simply said “I can’t deal with them anymore.” signed and dated. “There has to be more than that, they had to be looking for something.” the chief thought as he hung up his call. He walked down a long white hallway to the last door on the right, inside was a man who was staring in a mirror, “John, its time.” The man nodded, and downstairs a blonde haired girl now sat with her dog, and wiped away her last tear. She had a feeling of security once fill her heart as the elevator door to her left opened and out stepped her uncle. She ran to him, he was the only family that she had left and even though he looked very different than before, He was the same warm soul that she met at her mother’s funeral.

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BL4CK5H33P -
Wednesday, June 16, 2010
That is a really cool pair of figs!!! Nice job man - BL4CK5H33P
Wednesday, June 16, 2010
... Great work!!!... Love this Dog!!!
dreamcatcher -
Wednesday, June 16, 2010
Really like the custom idea and the paintjob too, congrats, very original.
wesr -
Wednesday, June 16, 2010
Very cool. Keep up the good work
bobtheodd -
Wednesday, June 16, 2010
Nice. Very cool idea, well done.
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