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Action Figure Chatter
Anyone into building mech model kits?  
Are there any 7 to 9 inch plain bodies?  
Bootleg Ninja Turtles (They're pretty...pretty smelly!)  
Bootleg Sailor Moon Figures (AMA)  
Did Funko give up on the 6-inch Legacy figures?  
Does anyone here have a Hawkgirl?  
Does anyone know of any good price guides?  
Ever bought from ToyRocket Auctions?  
Find any good deals at TRU?  
Flaunt your figs!  
Hellboy (Black Shirt) - Review!  
HML Thor has secret messages!  
House of M? WTH?  
I love bootlegs  
If you had to save just one...  
It sold for how much!?  
Mattel Halo Figures (Overview)  
Metal Titanfall Weapons for 6in. and 3.75in. Figures  
More reason never to pay retail price for figures  
New TF Classics!  
Newest batch of gets  
Power Rangers Legacy figures and "Limited Edition" tag  
Remember when McFarlane figs were worth buying?  
Ryu took Guile's dog-tags and wouldn't give them back  
So...Go-Bots, huh?  
Something interesting about Longshot...  
Super-Articulated Action Figure Blanks (Kickstarter)  
The "Looky What I Got!" Topic  
The Hobby Holder  
The Omniplate - A universal action figure stand [UPDATED 7/27]  
Time to hang some heroes!  
What a nice lady...;_;  
Whats the best DCSH Mr Freeze?  
Which Spiderman do you recommend?  
Who's this creepy old guy!  
Yes! Finally a badass Steel figure!  
Custom Workstation
[Updated] Experience using Tamiya acrylic paints  
Another Mystery Figure!  
Any good Batman recipies?  
Any ideas for replacing Mattel WWE females' arms and legs?  
Any pointers for switching to lacquer paints?  
Any recommended brushes?  
Any suggestions for double-hinged female arms?  
Any tips for a rich brown?  
Anyone have a dremel for sale?  
Articulating New 52 Batgirl  
Attaching cast heads to neck balls  
Casting with Alumilite's Flex 30  
Ever ordered from Hobbylinc?  
Halp, need figure comparisons  
Head Casts from Ebay [Quick Review]  
How are your old customs holding up?  
How to make figures more customizer-friendly  
I got some ProCreate  
Landmine Finger Tutorial  
Making a latex mold for skirt pieces  
Making removable clothes  
More LEGO joint ideas  
Mystery WIPs  
Need ideas for Halo customs  
New tutorial, looking for some answers  
Pestering customizers on Ebay  
Power Rangers and Marvel Legends Comparisons  
Punisher Assault Vehicle  
Quick Look at StarWarsGeek Head Casts  
RealmChick's Rockin' Body  
Scanning heads for customs - How badly do you want it?  
Sculpting Straightly - Tutorial  
Secret Custom Trade Event 1 [EVENT COMPLETED!]  
Secret Custom Trade Event of Destiny II  
Spider-Woman Hand Fix  
Spidey Customs Sticker Review  
Use paper to fix loose heads  
Using Liquitex Acrylic Varnish  
Vallejo Matte Varnish  
What articulated figures are wearing "jumpsuits"?  
What is "vinyl paint"?  
What order to crack open a Walgreens Punisher?  
What primer are you using?  
Whats a durable sealer?  
WWE Elite / DCUC Parts Compatability  
Figure Realm Comments and Questions
Come join the Figure Realm Discord  
Critiques - New Custom Submission Option  
New Feature - Figure Inque  
Regarding custom contest ideas  
Tutorials have been reorganized  
What are your thoughts on "Critique" option and "Thumbs Up" button for the Custom Showcase?  
Identify Help
What is this space soldier miniature from?  
Off Topic
Any interest in a shipping tutorial?  
Batgirl got hit by a truck. In the face.  
Does Doomsday talk?  
Early Saturday Morning Comix! "Slayers"  
Good full-frontal pictures of Winter Soldier?  
Hard Candy - Movie Review  
House of Secrets, Not Lies  
How popular is Daredevil?  
New Spider Woman suit?  
Nick Fury's Needle Gun!...meh.  
Nightmare's Add-a-Caption Game  
Twilight - Movie Summary  
Valentine's Night Special (Yeah, it's a comic)  
What's the last comic book / TPB you read?  
Wouldn't it be cool if Tails was a girl?  
Trading Post
IMPORTANT - Kyle won't be updating the Feedback anymore  
Laser Printed Water Slide Decals for Sale (Batman, Batgirl, Star Wars Clone Troopers)  
Looking for random stuff  
Need Clonetroopers (6 inch)  
Welcome to the Trading Post! (leave your shoes at the door)