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riseROBOTrise Public Profile - Updated by riseROBOTrise
First Figure: GI Joe, no, not the 80s ones, the original G.I. Joe - old skool.
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Re-Branding Custom Contest - Added by Buff
Voting for the Re-Branding Custom Contest has begun! Remember, everyone is encouraged to vote whether you entered the contest or not. The customizers put a lot of time and hard work into making these creations. Show your appreciation and cast your vote!

Voting for the contest will run from August 1st to August 7th. The winners will be announced the following day....[See More]
Dr Nightmare - Saturday, August 1, 2015
If your submissions arent showing up, try submitting again, I'll be around to approve. When a custom is rejected youre supposed to get an IM automatically saying why.
Toycooker - Saturday, August 1, 2015
Mine isn't showing up either, I submitted 2 days ago.
Buff - Saturday, August 1, 2015
Hmmmm. Admin? I'm not able to approve or control this, since I'm just a normal member.
World Breaker Public Profile - Updated by World Breaker
Favorite Figure: Maestro Hulk
Favorite Series: Marvel Universe
First Figure: Grey Hulk Marvel Universe #14 series 1
Collection Size: 350+ figures
Currently Collecting: marvel universe
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T-BIRD_3000 Public Profile - Updated by T-BIRD_3000
Favorite Figure: Marvel Legends Series 4 Punisher
Favorite Series: Batman: Arkham Asylum
First Figure: NECA Terminator Series 1 T-800 Endoskeleton
Currently Collecting: DC Designer Greg Capullo Series
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tb-production Public Profile - Updated by tb-production
eBay User Name: tb-custom
Honorable Mentions: - Neca Striker Eureka 18"
- Perfect Grade Gundam GP01/fb
- Maketoys Devastator
Favorite Figure: Optimus Prime, Ironman
Favorite Series: Hot toys, Transformers
Currently Collecting: Lego, Hot toys
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ROBOBUB1801 Public Profile - Updated by ROBOBUB1801
Current Projects: Marvel legends style lobo, wesley gibson, mad max, original character
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CRobTheCreator Public Profile - Updated by CRobTheCreator
eBay User Name: CRobTheCreator
Favorite Figure: Marvel Legends Face Off Captain America
Collection Size: 600+
Currently Collecting: Marvel Legends
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Happy4lyfe Public Profile - Updated by Happy4lyfe
Favorite Series: Marvel legends BAFs
Currently Collecting: Whatever I can find, mainly marvel legends
Want List: Ironman Marvel legends and some specific MU figures.
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Nmbeta2do Public Profile - Updated by Nmbeta2do
Current Projects: wait for msg v phantom pain to come out to make another diorama
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100indecisions Public Profile - Updated by 100indecisions
Currently Collecting: Various Loki figures, mostly (and Thor figures to match), and really anything that works for my photo series (I'm 100indeicisions at Archive Of Our Own)
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DallasCowNerd Public Profile - Updated by DallasCowNerd
Current Projects: I just Got done with a Bat mobile and a customer made Batman
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Zombean1138 Public Profile - Updated by Zombean1138
Current Projects: Marvel Universe Toad, Harvey Birdman 3.75", Visas Marr
Favorite Figure: VOTC Gamorrean Guard
Favorite Series: Hasbro Star Wars
First Figure: 1986 GI Joe Croc Master
Collection Size: 1000+
Currently Collecting: Marvel Universe/Infinite, Retro Reaction, Modern Star Wars and GI Joe
Want List: GI Joe Zombie Initiative, BG-J38,
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BungCustom Public Profile - Updated by BungCustom
Current Projects: - Red Leader
- Fantomex X Force
Favorite Figure: Shazam, XForce, THunderbolts, Hall Of Armor, Winter Soldier, Gi Joe, Acid Rain
Favorite Series: Marvel Universe, GI JOE
First Figure: GI JOE
Collection Size: Not much but worth it
Currently Collecting: Marvel Universe, Shazam, GI JOE
Want List: Acid Rain
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ActionfigureRat Public Profile - Updated by ActionfigureRat
Favorite Figure: Bob Buck of Bucks Team of Acid Rain World
Favorite Series: Acid Rain World
First Figure: Star Wars or Gi Joe?
Collection Size: Small size
Currently Collecting: Acid Rain World
Want List: Sol Deserter or Red Face
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Trooper-BR Public Profile - Updated by Trooper-BR
First Figure: Sgt. Flash (Gi Joe - Comandos em Ação)
Currently Collecting: Gi Joe, Star Wars, Military 1:18 figures like BBI, Forces Of Valor, 21st Century..
Want List: Many!!!
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