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Just about anyone can create a custom figure. All it takes is a creative spark and enough patience to sit down and make a vision come to life. Custom figures can be created many ways. One way is to take any old figure you have lying around and give it a new exciting paint job. Another is to remove parts from various figures and use them to build an entirely new one. Better yet, maybe you are a true enthusiast and have the materials to mold your own pieces and build one from scratch. All of these methods, or any combination of them, can be used to create custom figures. Figure Realm has created the Custom Figure Showcase to encourage this great hobby and allow everyone to show off their artistic masterpieces. Please submit your custom figures for all to enjoy!
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The Kuchisake Onna (Slit-Mouthed Woman) custom from Urban Legends was submitted by Patraw on January 15, 2015.
Kuchisake Onna (口裂け女, literally "Slit-mouthed Woman") is a Japanese urban legend that was first reported in the late 1970s. The particulars of her story vary, as myths have a tendency to do, but usually she's described as having once been a beautiful young woman that was driven insane after an operation or accident left her mouth horribly disfigured. The psychotic Kuchisake Onna now spends all of her time hunting the streets of Japan for solitary individuals to vent her rage upon (no one is...[See More]
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