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There and Back Again
Lord of the Rings - Trilogy (Toy Biz) - Gift Packs
Rated 5.00 stars by Deaditor
A really nice set with 5 unique figures all articulated well and detailed nicely. I always wondered if the attention to detail included Frodo missing a finger and yes he does indeed have a missing finger meaning they didn’t miss a thing. I think it would be appropriate to have the book also in scale with the figures in this set, but you can get that from the traveling Bilbo and use it as a prop still. The boom you do get contains maps and the there and back again quote in the front. Another accessory needed is bilobs cane as he is old and I feel the head on this one is a cheesy big grin Bilbo and not a much older Bilbo as we see in the film. Overall though it’s a really nice set that didn’t need to be made but that’s what I love about Toybiz they always pushed the bar for making almost...[See More]
Peter Jackson (Hobbit)
Lord of the Rings - Trilogy (Toy Biz) - Fellowship of the Ring - Series 5
Rated 5.00 stars by Deaditor
Nothing to complain about it’s a gem of a figure. Having Peter Jackson in Hobbit form is great and hilarious as often he gets teased for being an actual hobbit being not particularly tall, loving food and never wearing shoes and having calloused feet! It’s a nice little addition, though there is a more obvious figure as they could have gone with one of his cameos, but nevertheless it’s cool and unique....[See More]
Strider (Super Poseable)
Lord of the Rings - Trilogy (Toy Biz) - Fellowship of the Ring - Series 4
Rated 4.00 stars by Deaditor
A super articulated strider with some issues. First of all the head is terrible, I can see the attempt to get it to look like the character but he looks more like a much younger strider with sad eyes, a much better head is the two towers Helms deep head so swap it with that. Secondly the accessories or lack of them as you get a poncho that is vinyl so it’s bulky and doesn’t allow much posing together than standing, I’d prefer a soft goods one that could cover his face so you could reinsct the Bree scene and maybe a pipe would be cool. His sword is fine, perhaps a bit too big when comparing it to a Anduril sword, but THIS is the figure that needed the little utility cutting knife. It’s a shame he didn’t come with a bow, quiver, arrows and sleeping roll as travelling gear like the original...[See More]
Legolas (Mirkwood)
Lord of the Rings - Trilogy (Toy Biz) - Fellowship of the Ring - Series 4
Rated 3.90 stars by Deaditor
Super articulated with a reasonable bow, but he is way too tall has hands down the worst headsculpt/ paint job on the head of all the Legolas figures and his daggers are softer plastic making them bend more and his arrows are terrible and should be replaced with the basic Legolas figures. I’d recommend this figure definitely but I’d use heat to pop off the boots then slice off the swivel and some of the upper leg then re-attach to get the right height, then headswap with a Helms deep Rohan armour Legolas head but take the rubber hair off the back and swap it with this Mirkwood one and then voila a perfect pre Lothlorien Fellowship Legolas figure. So it’s decent in some aspects but can be massively improved....[See More]
Gandalf the Grey (Blue Sword Sheath)
Lord of the Rings - Trilogy (Toy Biz) - Fellowship of the Ring - Series 4
Rated 4.00 stars by Deaditor
You might be surprised to hear that this is not my personal favourite Gandalf figure. Arguably it is the best of the bunch don’t get me wrong but with a lot of the Toybiz figures you can combine elements of multiple variant figures of the same character to get a perfect custom version. The positive elements of this figure are obviously the arm articulation, the head, the staff, cloak and the best hat. Unfortunately this figures base body is just your basic light up staff Gandalf figure meaning the same leg articulation and the same torso and lower tone bent at an angle. Also this might be the only Glamdring with a blue sheath but it’s also one of the most oversized ridiculous looking renditions of it. So the upper arms are good as you have shoulders movement 360 and outwards, a swivel...[See More]
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Dragon Shiryu
Knights of the Zodiac (Saint Seiya) - Deluxe Figures
Rated 4.50 stars by ActionFiguresMan80
This is indeed one of my favorite figures of my collection.I remember when I purchase this figure,was in the three wise men day or Dia de Reyes in my country,in that day the wise men bring toys to the children,so most of the malls of the country have many toys and in one walmart afiliate{Aurrera}I find this awesome Dragon Shiryu,at the end of that day{9'oclock more or less}I purchase him and man I never regret it,its huge,its shiny,wonderfully articulated and with separated armor,and best of all, you really can play with him!!his only issue is the paint it falls apart in some points and the helmet is a little loose,but other else this is a figure worth to be in anyone collection,specially if like me, you love the knights of the zodiac,if you find him buy it,you don't regret it,trust me....[See More]
Black Panther
Marvel Universe (Toy Biz) - Marvel Knights
Rated 2.00 stars by Xen
They don't come any more basic than this... Poor articulation (hinges), no accessories (only the cape), poorly detailed (non of the jewelry that the BP has). Could of done better....[See More]
Spider-Man (Stark Tech Suit)
Marvel Legends - Infinite Series (Hasbro) - Vulture Flight Gear Series
Rated 4.80 stars by AlexOviedo
Stark tech Spider-Man it's probably the best figure from his wave, the figure it's extremely detailed, the sculpted it's very well made and the wash of very dark blue over the body gives an special touch. About the bad points, I don't know if it's only on my figure, but the left arm is very loose and the main head has wide eyes and in the movie the eyes are a little bit closed, this review has ended, I recommend you to buy this figure if you are a collector, have a great day!...[See More]
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Mordor Orc Lieutenant
Lord of the Rings - Trilogy (Toy Biz) - Epic Trilogy: Return of the King
Rated 4.50 stars by Deaditor
The hardest to find and most expensive of the lotr cardback figures. This figure is nicely detailed and well articulated but not perfect. For whatever reason he has a sword instead of his iconic staff sythe and the paint job is way off with an olive green complexion. This is easy to rectify it’s just worth noting. I think gothmog came out better than this one also as his ab crunch stands out s bit too much which I’m not keen on. Other than these minor issues it’s a great figure and worth getting!...[See More]
Battle Hardened -
Wednesday, July 11, 2018
A superb Toybiz figure and I'm happy with the nasty orc blade they gave him. I do have the Asmus 12 inch scale version of Guritz and his accessories are accurately represented for this hideously awesome character.
Gondorian Swordsman
Lord of the Rings - Trilogy (Toy Biz) - Epic Trilogy: Return of the King
Rated 4.70 stars by Deaditor
A very nicely detailed figure with decent articulation and accessories but not without some minor issues. Variants of this figure have unstrung bows I.e no string on the bow making it not able to fire similar to the Hobbit figures bows and the head we are given is not the one shown on the instructions nor the production photos. We get a weird head of a blonde chubby faced guy with a moustache. I am not a fan of this head as it is not representative of the Gondorian soldiers. I think black/brown hair and clean shaven or some stubble makes more sense, this is why I’ve swapped out a few of mine with Aragorn heads, though you could use the gondorian ranger head. This figure comes with a bow, some arrows that slot into a quiver, a sword and a shield and a removable helmet so it’s not lacking...[See More]
Battle Hardened -
Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Couldn't agree more..The Gondorian Soldier could have been clean shaven to represent a younger soldier and an alternative Gondorian Soldier with a Moustache and Beard could have been available to show a grittier, tougher older soldier. Otherwise I think the figure and accessories are awesome. The bow strings were removed with many of the Australian release figures. This was to do with Safety Regulations regarding firing projectiles that could cause eye injuries.
Lord of the Rings - Trilogy (Toy Biz) - Epic Trilogy: Return of the King
Rated 5.00 stars by Deaditor
What a charming individual. Gothmog is basically perfect with super articulation and detail and comes with appropriate accessories of the sword he used fighting Eowyn in the extended cut and the pike he borrows to kill Madril. I suppose a question on size is raised as he is huge but as he was played by Lawrence Makoare (lurtz and the witchkings and bolg) it makes sense how big the figure is. It’s awesome and a testsbment to Toybiz’s Skill to make ever better figures. It’s a shame they still aren’t around....[See More]
Battle Hardened -
Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Yep..I wish they were still around too.
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