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If you're tired of running around, who are we kidding, if you're tired of surfing from site-to-site searching in vain for all the different series and all the different figures made of your favorite character, then you've come to the right place! This section of Figure Realm is designed to help you find every figure ever made of a certain character. Not only that, you can even get all vital statistics on the character! Their height, eye-color, history, creator, favorite hat, everything, and best of all, you decide what to write! Use the Contribute Link at the bottom of the character pages to send us missing and accurate information about the character and help contribute to the community. Make sure to visit our Checklists to see complete checklists of all action figures for each Toy Series.
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Ororo Munroe was once the X-Man code-named Storm for her ability to control the weather. After a horrific encounter with Dracula, she died and returned as a vampire. Soon thereafter, she left the X-Men, seeking answers about herself and her new state-of-being. She later returned to join Havok’s mutant superteam, the Six, calling herself Bloodstorm. Ororo retained her mutant power of weather control but now has the preternatural gifts of the living dead at her disposal, making her an even more formidable opponent. Bloodstorm can transform her body into mist, summon and control the myriad creatures of the night and on occasion use an "hypnotic stare" to hold humans in her thrall. Her vampiric nature amplifies her control of the forces of nature but makes her unpredictable in battle....[See More]
Immaculate -
Saturday, August 18, 2018
Thanks for the review. I would encourage you to learn the correct usage of "an before (h) word" and "myriad"
Iron Man
Iron Man originates from Tony Stark's trip to Vietnam (now they've changed it to Iran or Iraq) where he was viciously attacked and held captive for quite some time. During his time there he met a man named Yinsen who agreed to help him suppress his fatal heart wound, and later with creating the first Iron Man suit to escape the country. After violently leaving Vietnam,and losing Yinsen, Stark wanted to contribute his failing life to the betterment of mankind. After a while, he became the leader of the first lineup of the Avengers. This is where the Iron Man that we all know and love today started, as well as evolved from....[See More]
Irn12 -
Sunday, August 27, 2017
There were a couple of PVC figures that came out around 1993 with Iron Man in the neo classic armor with his hands stretched out over his head. And, one with the modular armor blasting off.
giojoe9999 -
Saturday, May 19, 2018
bludevil -
Monday, April 2, 2018
Batwing is under the DC Brand/Universe but also referred to as being in the 'Batman Universe'. David Zavimbe was taken as a child soldier in the Congo after this parents were killed. He was later taken in by the church, and started as a police office. He later decided he could do more with a mask and became the vigilante Batwing.
Blue Beetle
Dan Garret was the son of a police officer killed by a criminal. Garret later donned a bulletproof blue costume (described by Garret as being chain-mail made of a cellulose material which was "as thin and light as silk but stronger than steel") and temporarily gained superhuman strength and stamina by ingesting the mysterious "Vitamin 2X". The Blue Beetle would use his signature scarab symbol to bedevil criminals / Dan Garrett, archaeologist, who obtained a number of superhuman powers (including super strength and vision, flight, and the ability to generate energy blasts) from a mystical scarab he found during a dig in Egypt , where it had been used to imprison an evil mummified Pharaoh. He would transform into the Blue Beetle by saying the words "Kaji Dha!" / Ted Kord, a former student...[See More]
samov69 -
Saturday, March 24, 2018
Where are the pages dedicated to the REAL Blue Beetles Dan Garrett/Garret and Ted Kord???
Decepticharge was created using a spare body intended for Windcharger. He has all of Windcharger's abilities and is loyal to Unicron....[See More]
Irn12 -
Tuesday, July 11, 2017
Ultron Prime has always referred to the core consciousness of the original Ultron created by "Hank" Henry Pym. This original mind was created based on Dr. Henry Pym's own consciousness and was programed to learn and grow. It became sentient and has built several different bodies - with Ultron 6 and on - the body has been made of Adamantium.
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