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SuperRoboScottimusPrimeMark6779Alpha Public Profile - Updated by SuperRoboScottimusPrimeMark6779Alpha
eBay User Name: JSBMARK98741979ALPHA
Favorite Figure: RoboCop
Collection Size: VERY BIG
Currently Collecting: HOT WHEELS, MODEL KITS, LEGO
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STANJOKER Public Profile - Updated by STANJOKER
Current Projects: Super creature TMNT series!
Honorable Mentions: Hobby and toys Magazine In Thailand, 02 times winner custom contest in thailand and 02 times winner in Figure Realm.
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Kurono Kagekaze Public Profile - Updated by Kurono Kagekaze
Current Projects: I'm working on a lifesize ghostbusters slimer project
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TMNT FAN AGE 11 Public Profile - Updated by TMNT FAN AGE 11
Current Projects: 1. Mirage shredder
2. krang bubble walker/life support system
3. 1987 rapheal
Honorable Mentions: none
Favorite Series: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Collection Size: Small
Currently Collecting: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Want List: Classics Shredder/ April/ Splinter/ Foot soldiers/ Baxter Stockman
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DARKSUN. Public Profile - Updated by DARKSUN.
Favorite Figure: Darth vader
Favorite Series: Star wars vintage collection
First Figure: Darth vader
Collection Size: Huge
Currently Collecting: Marvel
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catatau Public Profile - Updated by catatau
Favorite Figure: Superman
Collection Size: +- 700
Currently Collecting: DC Direct/Collectibles
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Spider1981 Public Profile - Updated by Spider1981
eBay User Name: MrTally
Current Projects: Prometheus Elizabeth Shaw, Charlie Holloway, Infected Fifield and Meredith Vickers to go with the NECA Prometheus line. Ash and Kane from Alien to go with the NECA line. Newt from Aliens to go with the NECA line. The crew of Star Trek Voyager in scale with the Diamond Select Star Trek line. Major Kira in Bajoran uniform and Quark to go with the Diamond Select Star Trek line.
Favorite Figure: NECA's Alien Ripley
Favorite Series: NECA Alien/Aliens
Collection Size: Too big to display it all at once
Currently Collecting: NECA Alien/Aliens, NECA Pacific Rim, NECA Terminator, Marvel Select cinematic universe figures, Mezco Breaking Bad, McFarlane The Walking Dead figures and building Sets
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Matty James Public Profile - Updated by Matty James
Current Projects: Lots of TWD.
Favorite Figure: TWD Series 3 Merle
Favorite Series: TWD, GoW, GoT
Currently Collecting: TWD, GoT
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zorzdogg Public Profile - Updated by zorzdogg
eBay User Name: zxzBruceWaynezxz
Favorite Figure: Battle for the Cowl - Jason Todd Batman
Favorite Series: Batman - Elseworld Figures
First Figure: Superman - 1985
Collection Size: 100+
Currently Collecting: Batman and Marvel Legends
Want List: Marvel Hulked-Out Heroes
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beastmode Public Profile - Updated by beastmode
Favorite Series: Marvel Legends and the like; SOTA Street Fighter
Currently Collecting: Marvel Legends and the like; SOTA Street Fighter
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Dexolas Public Profile - Updated by Dexolas
eBay User Name: Dexolas
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Star-Lord Character Profile - Updated by diqhed
Sub-Zero Review - Added by Zman12bat
Overall, this figure is a great representation of sub-zero in mk 9, however, the color paint is lacking on a lot of places. Besides that, articulation is great....[See More]
Men Beast Public Profile - Updated by Men Beast
Favorite Figure: Amazing detail figure
Favorite Series: Bandai
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chaz_xxi Public Profile - Updated by chaz_xxi
eBay User Name: chaz_xxi
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