Series:Star Trek - Warp Factor
Subseries:Combat Action
Manufacturer #:16254
Year Released:1997
Height:6 inches
Genres:Movies, Sci-Fi, TV Series
Character Profiles:Borg
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(Spring-Firing Borg Arm!)

* Firing Cybernetic Arm
* Cybernetic Arm Projectile
* Surgical Tool
* Borg Scanner
* Borg Display Stand

The Borg are a collection of cybernetically enhanced humanoids linked into a group consciousness. Implanting of cybernetic devices begins shortly after birth, and continues throughout the Borg's lifespan. They exist solely to assimilate the technology and raw materials of other species. From their perspective, assimilation of other life forms improves those species. Each Borg is linked into a sophisticated subspace communications network, in which the idea of the individual is a meaningless concept. The Borg hive culture is ruled by a Queen who exists beyond humanoid notions of three-dimensional space. The Borg originated somewhere in the Delta Quadrant. Their first attack against the Federation was in 2366, and were stopped just short of conquering Earth by the Enterprise-D. A second attack in 2373 was foiled by Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the Enterprise-E crew.
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Subseries from Star Trek - Warp Factor Toy Series
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