DC Universe DC Super Heroes Series 2 Doomsday
Series:DC Super Heroes
Subseries:Series 2
Manufacturer #:32849
Year Released:2006
Height:7 inches
UPC:0 27084 32849 3
Age Range:4 & Up
Character Profiles:Doomsday
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Reviews of Doomsday Toy Series
4.50 stars from Collector1
In 1993, in the back of Superman comics, a breif one page strip was shown, giving the viewer glimpses of a green gloved fist pounding against a steel wall followed by the words Doomsday Is Coming. Each comics showed the glove tearing slowly with each blow, revealing gray flesh and spiked knuckles. Finally, the wall broke...DOOMSDAY IS HERE! What followed was an epic battle that raged through Justice League and all Superman comics published at the time between Superman and the mysterious monster that was dubbed Doomsday by Booster Gold. Finally, in Superman issue number 75, the battle came to a conclusion. As the two Gods, one evil and one good, delivered simultanious blows to eachother, Doomsday was killed, but at a terrible cost. Superman died. But he would return and so would...[See More]
3.50 stars from ghost-rider
i looked for this figure for almost 2 months and i just found him! when i opened the box he was in a pose where it looks like he seemingly burst out of chains! i immediately had him fight my superman returns superman!!! he has 25 points of articulation, stands about 6" tall and has the face of the most hideous being the man of steel has ever clashed with!!! his protrusions are made of soft rubber which is a good and bad thing. the soft rubbers don't hurt anyone but they sure pop off easy, i mean they fall off easily. the face was also made of rubber and the instant i took him outta the packaging it started to peel off. the sculpt was very good! the muscles looked big and strong due to outlining and i don't know what mattel was thinking with his head, it's too small!!! the body is this...[See More]
4.90 stars from Henchmen4Hire
This Doomsday is a TREMENDOUS improvement over the original 5-inch scale version. It looks just as impressive but has more articulation and height, traits the old one lacked. This looks better to me than even the other 6-7-inch Doomsday, AKA: The-Ridiculously-Expensive version. Why pay over $100 for that other one when you can get this one for about 9 bucks! The Jagged Juggernaut stands a little over 6 1/2 inches, in perfect scale with ML figures, but I'm not so sure about the DCSH line he's in. Bizarro is taller than him, and last time I checked, Bizarro is as tall as Superman, and Superman is supposed to be smaller than Doomsday, something is screwy! In any case, Bizarro won't be standing for long if he tangles with this guy, hah. Doomsday is built like a rock, and weighs like one too....[See More]
4.50 stars from Tom-Tom
About 13 years ago, the badass Doomsday appeared and (long story short) killed Superman. Some people think you can't be a comic fan (even if it's Marvel) without knowing this. Then basically nothing. He has appeared since then, but nothing was as dramatic since, he hasn't re-killed Supes. Oh well. Doomsday has had only 4 action figures so far: Hasbro made one about 11 years ago, DCD in 2003, this version (DCSH) and another by Mattel last September for JLU. Onto the review! Sculpt- I don't care what you say, this is not a scaled down figure of DCD's. He has a few differences, but they are not the same! Okay, goosfraba. His main body is made out of hard plastic, while the face (he has a head underneath) and spikes/bones are rubber, for the little ones. His sculpt works pretty well with...[See More]
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