Princess What's-Her-Name
Earthworm Jim Universe Earthworm Jim Basic Series Princess What's-Her-Name
Name:Princess What's-Her-Name
Series:Earthworm Jim
Subseries:Basic Series
Manufacturer #:8611
Year Released:1994
Height:5 inches
Genres:Cartoons, Video Games
User Collections:13 Users
User Wishlists:6 Users

Earthworm Jim's Main Squeeze - or so he Thinks!

Princess What's-Her-Name's Weapons & Accessories:
Bug Launcher with BUg Discs, Really INTENSE Insectoid Gun, and Runt Zurb

Zurb, my diary, please... Ah, here we are.
Adventure 74312. Today I saved the universe from my big fat facially-challenged sister, Queen Pulsating-Bloated-Festering-Sweaty-Pus-filled-Malformed-Slug-for-a-Butt. She's got that scepter of power, but I've got goodness on my side - and I'm a purebred Insectickan. That means I have the strength of ten men. As I have vowed in the past, my sister will mistreat me no more. Today, that wench tried to bring horror to all decency again. I was just finishing chowing down while Earthworm Jim - he's kind of my boyfriend - was battling my foul, seeping sister. She had summoned Psycrow and Professor Monkey-for-a-Head to put Jim in a worm lock. They were beginning to tickle his gums when I stepped in and launched a few Bug Discs with my Bug Launcher. Then my faithful servant and bodyguard, Zurb, started banging heads. Unforutantely, Zurb knocked Earthworm Jim unconscious, too. So I whipped out my Really INTENSE Insectoid Gun and let 'em have it - boy, what a mess! Just as I was searing the bad boys' behinds, Earthworm Jim came out of his daze and said something heroic like, "I'll save you, my festive polka of joy!" But then he passed out again. After I kicked some mutant butt and made the universe a safe place to walk at night, I went home to do my hair. So, dear diary, I'm still trying to bring an era of perfect peace to my home planet of Insecticka. Maybe I'll have Earthworm Jim help me tomorrow. Oh merciful mandibles! Is that a cow?! SPLAT!
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