Bull T-Rex
Jurassic Park Universe Lost World Electronic Bull T-Rex
Name:Bull T-Rex
Series:Jurassic Park - Lost World
Manufacturer #:71128
Year Released:1997
Height:20 inches
Genres:Animals, Comics, Movies, Sci-Fi, Video Games
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User Wishlists:3 Users

* Attack Roar
* Warning Growl
* Chomping Crunch
* Gulps down Dino-Trackers Survival Pod!
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Reviews of Bull T-Rex Toy Series
5.00 stars from toyfreak
This figure is massive at over two feet long it towers over all the other dinosaurs in the toyline. the color scheme is very good not very close to the movie rex but still a very natural color tone. The figure features incredible detail such as the teeth the tounge and even the eyes.this dinosaur has two features including the incredible ability to eat other figures no dinosaur or hunter stands a chance against this towering behemoth. The second feature is its sounds which are straight out of the movie from a bellowing roar to a threatening growl my personal favorite is his chomping sound.another cool feature is the creatures real feel dino skin it really feels like a leathery reptile.the tail bends and the arms can move(but obvioulsly wouldn't be very useful).this dinosaur is a must...[See More]
5.00 stars from JOKERFC
in my opinion THE T-Rex toy made to date.the fact that this toy can actually swallow Human figures just makes it for me.also the "survivor pod"is a great acsessory also the size of this beast is also sometthing to celebrate-its almost 2 feet long folks! add to that its great color scheme and it makes this a must have. availibilty?can be scarce nowadays.....I got mine MISB a couple of years back on a website and there was plenty on there at the time but the last few times I ran searches they weren't as plentiful.online stores will undoubtedly charge over $100 for ol gulpy here......I gota say though if you can get one for a pric you are comfortable with-you won't be sorry. 5 stars easily....[See More]
5.00 stars from matt88
Well, what can I say? A true master piece, perfection. This is the ultimate jurassic park dinosaur ever made, and i believe it beats the animatronic spinosaurus hands down. For a start its scaly textured skin is realistic and it can swallow humans...WHOLE! It is the top predator. I recommend this toy to any true jurassic park fans out there, especially for dioramas. I know i will use mine for my up and coming film! ...[See More]
5.00 stars from El Bandelerro
Something survived... And that something was the Bull Rex. Wow. Rexy over 24 inches(2 feet) long and is just plain massive! The big guy is blue-green with black stripes and some brown parts and a bleach-white underbelly. Rexy is in a striking/siezing pose and can sometimes be hard to stand up. He has 2 big neon green eyes with black pupils. The jaw is wide open with vanilla white teeth. Some of them are cracked(on purpose) to look like he's been chewin' on some hard bones. His feet are huge with enormous claws. Here is one of the best parts- rexy has got 3 different sound effects, which are roar, growl, and a bone crunching sound! Now the best part- He can EAT AND SWALLOW HUMANS!!! You can retrieve the toys through a slit in the stomach. Rexy comes with a man in a protective cage. And...[See More]
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