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Strike Cycle (Jurassic Park - Series 2) Review
Strike Cycle
Jurassic Park - Series 2 (Kenner)A classic! The strike cycle has definintly worked its way into El Bandelerro's Action Figure Hall of Fame. The strike cycle features a missle launcher amd scope on the side car and mean-looking motorcycle. On the handlebars is a machine gun. The cycle is dark green with orange stripes and features an entire raptor skeleton tied onto the thing-the skull on the front, the ribs on the sides, the arms after the skull- you get the idea. The wheels are rugged and roll as smooth as butter. The side car is removable and features a missle launcher that can capture all kinds of dinos, a scope the same coloring as the motorcycle. A classicly handsome vehicle, the strike cycle is a 5 star.

      5 stars by El Bandelerro

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