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Necrid (Soul Calibur II) Review
Soul Calibur II (McFarlane)Necrid is a cool character, designed by Todd MacFarlane, with a cool move set from other characters. For some reason critics didn't like him, but critics never like anything. One thing that immediately makes this figure great is that he is in his alternate costume, orange with a gas mask, as opposed to the unappealing green ogre. He's really just a statuette, but he has more articulation than other figures in that style (I'm looking at you Watchmen figures). With these figures it's all about the quality of the sculpt, and in this case, it's amazing. I'm usually for the figures with basic colors instead of out of control detail and shading, but I love this statuette figure thing, whatever you want to call it. Basically, it's hard to not enjoy this thing, because looking at it is just too dang nice. Amazing sculpt, you can actually pose him, the cardboard background he comes with really adds a layer of depth, since he has a small display environment, and all in all, we will never get any other Soul Calibur figures any time soon, so it's best to enjoy these, since they're the epitome of gaming statuettes anyway. SO buy it, enjoy it, and look at it with big beady fanboy eyes, it's great.

      5 stars by TheGreyGoose

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Darththomas -
Tuesday, October 6, 2009
I was a big fan of the way Necrid looked but always thought his moves kinda let him down, I would have this figure though because as I said I love the way he looks
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