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Young T-Rex (Jurassic Park) Review
Young T-Rex
Jurassic Park (Kenner)There have been quite a few T-rexes created in all the JP lines, from the tiny TLW Joiner T-rex to the huge Bull/Gulper T-rex, they come in all shapes and sizes, and are all quite detailed. However, most are not too acurate. That's where the Series 1 Young Tyrannosaurus rex comes into the picture! The Young T-rex has pretty much no flaws. Unlike just about every single T-rex its position is scientifically acurate Standing upright with its body balanced from head to tail. Perfect sculpt, which also matches the movie.

Other points of detail is its head. The Jurassic Park T-rex is capture very well with it. If you looks closely, you can see every little scale on its skin, which is "Real-Feel Dino Skin," meaning its soft, so the playability is almost endless. Its teeth are singely sculpted, meaning no two teeth look the same. To top that all off, an extremely detail tongue is at the bottom of its mouth and slightly arched, the way it would be if it was attacking with "Dino-Strike" action, like featured.

Another great feature of the Young Tyrannosaurus rex is it coloring. Although a lighter brown than the movie T-rex's brown, it still captures the true feeling of the JP T-rex. The light brown covers its whole body, except for the underbelly, which is a dull white. Along its light-brown body are either tan stripes or spots (which is also the same color as its claws). This color scheme is probably my favorite next to the Series 1 Electronic Tyrannosaurus rex.

I'm sure most would agree with this being one the the greatest T-rex action figures in a JP line. It matches what you would think of when "Tyrannosaurus rex" comes into mind. From detail, to coloring, to great action features, and scientific-acrurasy, the Jurassic Park Series 1 Young Tyrannosaurus rex gets a 10 out of 10!

Figure-Grading Scale:
Sculpt :: 10 -- 10
Colors :: 9 -- 10
Action :: 8.5 -- 10
Sound :: N/A
Overall :: 10 -- 10

      5 stars by Tyrannosaur22

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