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Marvel Monsters (Marvel Legends (Toy Biz)) Review
Marvel Monsters
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) (Toy Biz)hey so this is my review and I thought the marvel legends:monsters box set/gift pack would be a go one to do so here I go,I recently picked up two of these box sets online(one set for a custom project and one for my collection)and they have been on my wish list for sometime,when you get this you'll have the same type of packaging that the rest of the toy biz box sets have which is a pretty nice looking box with all the info on your figures plus you can see inside really well making it easy to know what you get in the box,when you open the box you'll have to deal with about six to seven of those little plastic wire twist ties(per figure)and after spending ten minutes doing that you will be left with the tomb of dracula,werewolf by night,tales of the zombie,and monsters unleashed frankinstin, four round stands with comic art on it for each figure and a small poster book with thirteen comic book covers remake posters.all together its a pretty good set for the thirty to fourty dollers your paying for it,they may not be the most exciting figures but if your in to them there a must have for you collection and there also really great for customizing,the only thing is they all seem to have the same problems which is that they have extremely stiff joints making it hard to pose them but once you've worked them or used a hair dryer there fine,and the zombie and werewolf gets some paint wear one the ball joints by there hips besides that there pretty good,this box set was definitely made for die hard fans of the comic books or horror fans,I don't really see kids having much fun playing with an undead guy a wolfman,a fodder parts monster,and dracula even though the worlds going through some crazy vampire trend...

I thought that the dracula figure would be my favorite but it turns out he's one of my least favorite of the bunch,I originally got the monsters box set for dracula because his suit is something I needed for a project,my problems with him are the fact that his jacket fits strange on his body,his hands are abnormally large,and he has really stiff joints making it hard to pose him,all the figures had this problem but dracula was the worst for it,and for anyone who looks for reused parts from other figures dracula has the marvel legends galactus baf professor x's hips and legs

+great sculpt,good paint job,removable cape and coat,35 points of articulation

-stiff joints,awkward puffed out looking chest,over painted pink skin tone on hands and face

out of this set the were wolf has one of the better sculpts and is one of my favorite to look at out of the set,but he came second in worst articulation as he had really stiff joints,and close to no neck articulation what so ever,so if you were hoping to put him in a cool howling pose don't get your hopes up because his neck only goes side to side but all in all hes a nice looking figure,only I wouldn't ever give this to a young child as it will end up broken or in your dogs toy box out of frustration

+great sculpt,amazing head sculpt,really nice paint,34 points of articulation

-no neck articulation,stiff joints,gets extreme paint wear at hip ball joints

when I got this I figured the zombie would be one of my least favorites taking I'm not really a zombie guy,but this is a great figure I think it mite be my favorite out of the set it has one of the best sculpts I have ever seen on a marvel figure an amazing paint jobs and had the least stiff joints,the only real problem was the shoulder joints we're really stiff but one you work them there are no real problems,you can remove his jacket if you really want to but its a pain to put back on

+best sculpt,great paint job,good articulation,and 31 points of articulation

-stiff shoulder joints,bulky and awkward looking feet,paint wear at hip ball joints

this one one of the better figures in pretty much every way he had no articulation issues,great paint,he was also really detailed,that being said his head for some reason has a somewhat shiny paint job and the rest of his body had a nice matte paint job,the shinyness mit have actually been from the glue that was used to attach the hair to his head but I had this issue on both of my frankinstien's,another thing was that they used the marvel legendary heros monkey man baf stryker's torso,legs and right arm,which isnt a big deal but if your like me and you think franks jacket looked kind of dumb then you will expose the hole in his back from the stryker figure,but the body worked really well for the frankinstein figure,it would have been better if he was at least taller then the rest but that was a no go

+great sculpt,nice paint,good articulation,removable jacket,and 33 points of articulation

-stryker's body(hole in back),shiny head paint with matte body,should have been a bit taller(in my opinion)

      4 stars by Tiefighter

User Comments
Racoon21 -
Thursday, June 23, 2016
I remember I wanted to have this set when I was 4 years old. I loved monsters back then. I also remember this set discounting at a whopping $5. I told my mom if I could have it, but I had no luck. I got my set today. I ordered mine online. It wasn't cheap. But I love this set.
Henchmen4Hire -
Monday, August 1, 2016
Yeah, I regret not grabbing a set of these, that Frankenstein is sweet
Therapist -
Monday, January 4, 2010
Nice review Iv been wanting that box set
loosecollector -
Sunday, December 27, 2009
Great review! I have disassembled each one of these figs and found out some things:
- Werewolf has a ball-joint on his neck but only the side-to-side articulation works
- Dracula has ProfX''s body aside from the hands, head and rubber coat
- Frank is the Hulk Classic Absorbing Man with only a new head and coat. This Creel body was later used by XMC Sabretooth & Stryker
Hope these add more useful info !
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