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Moon Knight (Marvel Legends (Toy Biz)) Review
Moon Knight
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) (Toy Biz)Woo hoo! It's time to review a figure that everyone else ahs already gotten to! Oh well, I have a message to send and dang it I'm gonna send it! Moon Knight is a cool figure all around. Great hood/cape combo, and while his sculpt s a bit blank, that only helps his custom possibilities! Moon Knight's paint apps are spot on, and his original (original as in new and creative, not the first) black suit design was a great example of creative liberties taken by Toy Biz. The accessories that came with this figure are pretty solid. Good bo staff and good nun chucks (or nunchaku, whatever). Sadly, there's no place to put the nun chucks, and since I never saw Moon Knight use nun chucks, I don't let him hold them. To wrap things up, Moon Knight is a cool figure that you won't see recreated thanks to his different, cool outfit made specifically for this figure, so I'd go find it on a website or some other online store (or auction site, no need for debating a general point), they're not expensive, and totally worth what you'll pay (I got mine for 10 shipped, and I'm far form a frugal shopper)!

      4.5 stars by Azrael

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