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Alien Terrorist Edgar & Kay (Men In Black) Review
Alien Terrorist Edgar & Kay
Men In Black (Galoob)I recently picked up this figure off a website, and all I can say is cool. I'll first start off on the look of the figure. In the movie when we finally see Edgar tear away his rotting farmer suit to reveal his true slimy form, we immedeately say cool. That was my response when I took this bad boy out of the box. This guy stands about 8 and a half inches, not including the antennas. Before I go any further I should say that Galoob decided to base this figure on the comic adaptation, rather than base it on the creature in the movie, which is quite interesting since the comic version is an amalgamation of a puppet designed by Rick Baker and the final look in the film designed , now that we have that out of the way let's continue. The best thing about this guy is probably the sculpting, the head kinda looks like a mixture of a praying mantis and a cobra (wicked cool!!), it has four fingered claws, perfect for grabbing unsuspecting victims, two incect legs in a walking pose, an engorged and veiny belly, and a spiked tail curved up and ready to strike. Now on to the worst thing, the lame action featue, I don't know if this was just mine or if they all come like this, but apparently if you raise the left arm the mouth pincers will move and the mouth will snap, in reality the mouth lifts only a centimeter from it's original position and the pincers just twitch, booriing. But this is quckly redemed by another feature on this guy, the figure inside the figue. That's right, the engorged belly actually holds a small Kay figure so playing out this scene can go all out by having Edgar give birth to Kay from a little slit (it looks cooler than it sounds), the only flaw about this is the stomach is too small to hold full size figures, so only the exclusive figure can fit inside, also Ed can't swallow the figure (aw shucks). But the kay figure looks really nice, he's in a crouched psition with metallic blue goo all over him with a petrified look on his face (priceless). The last thing to review on this is the paint job which is actually quite nice, instead of making him one color they gave him various colors. The back and top of the head, legs and tail are essentially the same color of purple, while the forearms are white, and the face, feet, chest and undertail are orange brown, and the belly fades from orange brown to translucent, so Kay is partially visible while in the belly. So before I continue to ramble on, I conclude that this is an excellent figure, ideal for display,rather than play and a must have for fans of the MIB movie, MIB series, MIB comic, aliens, or just weird creatures in all. I proudly give this figure the jackal seal of approval (even if my seal is worthless).

      4.5 stars by Mr.jackal95

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