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Spinosaurus (Blue) / Tyrannosaurus (Tan) (Jurassic Park Dinosaurs (2004)) Review
Spinosaurus (Blue) / Tyrannosaurus (Tan)
Jurassic Park Dinosaurs (2004) (Hasbro)This set contains repaints of the JP3 Amanda Kirby's Spinosaurus and the JP3 Military General's T-Rex. The Spinosaurus really isn't anything special. His body is a sky-blue with a dull (and I mean DULL) yellow underbelly. Its sail and back is brown with a few brown waves here and there. That's it. Like I said, nothing special. This is probably my least favorite color scheme out of the whole line.

Now onto the Tyrannosaurus. T-Rex is nicely done. His body is a dessert brown with thick red-orange stripes on the top of his head, coming off his back and going down his sides. It's simple, but I like it a lot. It looks like he's ready to go fight in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Very cool.
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