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Ghost Rider (Ghost Rider) Review
Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider (Toy Biz)This was the first ghost rider figure released in this line, he is based off the dan ketch design which was popular in the 90's when this figure was released. The figure features 11 points of articulation, 2 of which are universal joints at the hips & the hands also rotate 360 degrees, this allows the figure to ride the bike made for him easier. This figure also includes a couple of accessories, one of which is his belt & chain which are made of a soft rubbery material & then there's his chain he uses as a weapon, this is made of solid plastic molded in silver. Last but not least, he has a couple of gimmicks, the first of which is his chain whipping action. This function is activated by winding up his arm & pushing the button located near his waist on his back, this will cause his arm to whip his chain accessory in a "windmill" like fashion, it works pretty well for its age, this gimmick was even reused in the ghost rider movie line. His second gimmick is that he has glow-in-the-dark features, his head, belt & chain. Mine, however has no flames painted on his head so i suppose it's a variant, since i've seen more than one online, but i'm fine with the one i've got for now. Overall i give this figure 5/5 stars because i think it's unique and holds up even to this day.

      5 stars by Overlord

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