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Spinosaurus (Blue) / Tyrannosaurus (Tan) (Jurassic Park Dinosaurs (2004)) Review
Spinosaurus (Blue) / Tyrannosaurus (Tan)
Jurassic Park Dinosaurs (2004) (Hasbro)Out of all the two-packs in this line. I feel like this set is trying it’s hardest to be something, but it just doesn’t work. In terms of sculpts, there nothing special. Being the same T-Rex and Spinosaur sculpts we’ll see be repainted countless more times to come. The paint jobs aren’t all that special, either. With the T-Rexses being rather boring and kind of ugly. *Sigh* On the bright side, the Spino’s paint job isn’t all that bad, and works for a creature like itself. Even if it’s rather monochromatic. Overall, this set isn’t terrible, but it’s rather weak compared to some other two-packs released by hasbro, and that is saying A LOT. 3.25/5

      3.25 stars by iceIceBa

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