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Eomer (Sword Attack) (Lord of the Rings - Two Towers) Review
Eomer (Sword Attack)
Lord of the Rings - Two Towers (Toy Biz)Poor Eomer, he has 2 figures and both have problems. This particular one is the only representation of Eomer in his usual outfit and unfortunately suffers from having one of the worst head sculpts ever, poor articulation and some of the detailing is wrong specifically the pauldrons are a weird shape. Personally I took the coronation Eomer did a head swap and added the pauldrons from that figure to this one and gave him a repaint to solve this issue but unfortunately the helmet is way too large so it can look a bit silly. This figure has an action feature where if you place his sword in his hand then turn his waist to the side and release he swings back round and slashes. It’s a better hidden gimmick but it’s a shame we never got s better articulated and better designed figure during the epic trilogy line.

      3 stars by Deaditor

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