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Gondorian Swordsman (Lord of the Rings - Trilogy) Review
Gondorian Swordsman
Lord of the Rings - Trilogy (Toy Biz)A very nicely detailed figure with decent articulation and accessories but not without some minor issues. Variants of this figure have unstrung bows I.e no string on the bow making it not able to fire similar to the Hobbit figures bows and the head we are given is not the one shown on the instructions nor the production photos. We get a weird head of a blonde chubby faced guy with a moustache. I am not a fan of this head as it is not representative of the Gondorian soldiers. I think black/brown hair and clean shaven or some stubble makes more sense, this is why I’ve swapped out a few of mine with Aragorn heads, though you could use the gondorian ranger head. This figure comes with a bow, some arrows that slot into a quiver, a sword and a shield and a removable helmet so it’s not lacking in any other sense and would be great for army building if he wasn’t one of the most expensive and rarest figures to get. I have 2 I got new and 1 without any accessories so I just made him a sword and gave him Faramir a helmet to make him a captain. I highly recommend getting this figure obviously as it’s an important one to get it’s just a shame more weren’t released so we could buy them in bulk and with better headsculpts.

      4.7 stars by Deaditor

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Battle Hardened -
Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Couldn't agree more..The Gondorian Soldier could have been clean shaven to represent a younger soldier and an alternative Gondorian Soldier with a Moustache and Beard could have been available to show a grittier, tougher older soldier. Otherwise I think the figure and accessories are awesome. The bow strings were removed with many of the Australian release figures. This was to do with Safety Regulations regarding firing projectiles that could cause eye injuries.
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