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Gimli (Coronation Attire) (Lord of the Rings - Trilogy) Review
Gimli (Coronation Attire)
Lord of the Rings - Trilogy (Toy Biz)Ah now here’s some familiar territory. Those who follow me know hat I know this figure literally inside and out as I’ve owned several to make some of the 13 Dwarves meaning alongside Eowyn in armour he’s the most reused figure in my Customs, but does that mean it’s any good? Well the best aspect of this Gimli is the articulation, which Gimli never has much of. I don’t have an issue with the original 2 Gimli figures but they don’t allow anything beyond the swivel arms and stuck in standing position legs. This figure has double hinged arms and legs which I of course added to the classic Gimli to make him super articulated. This figure is also highly detailed looking very close to the onsceeen design, however it’s not great entirely. I think the head is far too small and often the paint job on the head is sloppy and once again as with all the Gimli figures there’s the same mistake of giving him blue eyes, but Gimli has brown eyes so that’s odd. I was going to comment on the colour of the robes but after reviewing the clip I believe the cloak is purple and the tunic is either the same, has things of blue or it’s just a lighting situation on screen conveying blue or purple I’m not sure but I think the only issue with this figure is his head and his weapons which are a softer plastic and often get warped. Overall I’d highly recommend this figure to have a complete set but also it’s cool they made this and he’s a great base body of you can find him and afford one!

      4.5 stars by Deaditor

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