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Battle Cry Uruk-Hai Warrior (Lord of the Rings - Trilogy) Review
Battle Cry Uruk-Hai Warrior
Lord of the Rings - Trilogy (Toy Biz)The most sight after figure is by far this one. The battle cry Uruk hai comes sword a removable helmet, a pike in two parts and a torch. He is super articulated and sculpted well but his torso is obviously limited by his battle cry sound feature which does sound good but I’d rather the Uruk not have a rubber head and was less gimicky here. The paint job leaves much to be desired considering the uruks wore gunmetal coloured armour in the films with rust and decay mass produced and this figure is painted with a very light silver which is so inappropriate. It is worth having a few but they need a paintjob and to be honest it might be better to take the helmets and give them to some spare Uruk crossbowmen and give them swords as they are wel articulsted and bigger making them more imposing and already painted well.

      4 stars by Deaditor

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