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Omega Red (Marvel Legends (Toy Biz)) Review
Omega Red
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) (Toy Biz)Like many other horrific attempts to duplicate a Captain America/Wolverine-type super-soldier, a Russian mutant, Arkady Rossovich, was chosen for such an experiment. The result? Omega Red, a 7-foot-tall, indestructible, toxic monster with extendable wrist-tendrils and a taste for world domination, communist-style! His body infused with Carbonadium, an easier-to-work with, but just as strong metal as Adamantium, he's one tough cookie to break. Even Wolverine's claws have trouble with him! One thing I find strange though, why would a Russian super-soldier be given a name from the Greek alphabet? Maybe there aren't any cool Russian letters that sound "doomsday" enough? Anyway, it's amazing how the sculptors of the Marvel Legends figures somehow manage to take cartoon/comic characters and turn them into something you'd really expect to see in real life, as if you'd expect to see Sabertooth running through your backyard or Captain America knocking on your door and selling you Girl Scout cookies.

Omega Red towers (even over Thor!) at almost 8 inches! I know bad guys are supposed to be large and menacing but there has to be a limit to how huge they can be! Sinister looked a little over-sized but Omega here tops him as well! He's unstoppable! (At least until Wolverine cuts him down to size). His pale face is twisted in a customary snarling scowl with burning red eyes. The inside of his mouth is glossy, which adds that much more to the realism. I do think his face is too shaded though because it looks more grey than pale white. His dirty-blond hair is made of soft plastic so his head will have an easier time turning. The pony-tail on the top of his head is made of hard plastic and can swivel around. I don't like that his red headband was painted on, it takes away from the quality of the rest of him. His red suit with silver accents looks just like you've come to expect it to. The flat silver shoulder-pads are made of soft plastic and have stylish chrome-red sections, but it looks like a little dust fell on the red parts before they were painted, maybe this is just on the one I bought? The pads are connected to his belt with steel-grey "suspenders", which are also made of soft plastic. The whole contraption isn't permanently glued onto Omega Red, the belt moves around and so do the shoulder-pads. This is so he can move his arms around without the pads getting in the way (like Wolverine's limited arm-movement problem). There is a stripe of black on the belt that was a little sloppy with the paint, but again, probably just on my figure. His boots are flat silver with some more chrome-red accents. His pale white arms are bare but he wears chrome-red manacles, with a crimson Omega symbol on each one, and flat-red gloves. He also comes with 2 10-inch super-flexible carbonadium tendrils that pop into his wrists and can swivel around. Imagine those twisty-ties that hold the figures in their packages, that's how bendable these tendrils are, and they even hold their positions!

No major complaints with the articulation, but it would have been nice if Omega's wrists could swivel. His head connects to his body with a swivel-hinge instead of a ball-socket because his hair doesn?t let his head move around too much anyway. The shoulders are pivoting socket-swivel-hinges, and don't worry if that makes no sense, they're covered by the shoulder-pads anyway. Arms are hinged near the shoulders, elbows are double-hinged, wrists and fingers are also hinged. Mid-torso bends back and forth, waist is swiveled (and nicely hidden by the belt), hips are swivel-hinged, legs swivel under the hips, knees are double-hinged with a swivel just below, the ankles are rocking hinges, and no boot-tip hinges because that would ruin the boots. Including the carbonadium tendril-swivels and the ponytail, I count 39 POA! The box says only 32 POA but it's a liar, a dirty filthy liar.

Omega Red comes with a Sentinel's lower torso and the standard clear stand like the other Sentinel Series figures. He actually needs the stand though, if you want to pose him wrapping his tendrils around Wolverine, otherwise you can pose him normally if you can balance him. He also comes with a good comic book that kinda-sorta explains who he is. Hey, Rogue is in it, and that's all you really need, right sugah? ;)

      5 stars by Henchmen4Hire

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