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Captain America vs Red Skull (Marvel Legends (Toy Biz)) Review
Captain America vs Red Skull
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) (Toy Biz)The Red Skull! The mere mention of this psychopathic Nazi-madman is enough to send shivers down even Great Hitler's spine. His head is red, emaciated, cracked, and bony, looking like an actual skull (whether it's just the mask he wears or the result of being exposed to his Dust of Death , I don't know). I must say, for someone who supposedly is able to beat Captain America to a pulp, this guy doesn't look very impressive. He looks kinda scrawny compared to Cap.

Our skeletal superior stands a little over 6 inches tall. He wears some nifty blue/red body armor and a mocking grin. His eyes are completely yellow, teeth are white, there is a hole where his nose should be, and he has a slight overbite, lol. The head is nicely textured but his mouth is hollow, meaning you can see his neck through his mouth. He has small red plates of spiked armor on his elbows and the back of his hands (they aren't sculpted on so you can carefully remove them to use on a custom). The red petal-shaped shoulderpads are flexible so they don't limit arm movement too much (they can also be carefully ripped off). The arms have horizontal grooves in them (like Colossus) but the legs don't. The dark-grey boots and belt are well sculpted. This skull-dude looks unimpressive because he doesn't have much muscle-tone, there is some on his thighs but that's about it. The suit covers it all up. I don't know what happened to the shoulder-joints but they are messed-up! There is lots of flash (excess plastic) and the left joint is slightly deformed. The shoulderpads cover them up well but his arms don't fall to his sides all the way, making for a constant reminder of the screwy shoulders. Also, for a Nazi, he doesn't have any distinctive markings. Maybe because he didn't really like Hitler or his twisted concepts, he just wanted to one day take over the awesome power he had amassed, but most likely it's because someone would have complained if he was given a big stinky swastika.

Skull-head has standard articulation. The neck, shoulders, and hips are swivel-hinged. Arms, forearms, waist, legs, and boots are swiveled. Wrists, fingers, mid-section, ankles, and boot-tips are hinged (the ankles don't rock) while the elbows and knees are double-hinged.

If you don't want to pay the insane amounts for the first Red Skull released in the Marvel Legends series (which wasn't that great), then this is the perfect alternative. Not only is he way cheaper, you also get the best ML Captain America figure made! Skullz comes with a short dagger-sword and a big cool Hydra-base backdrop. The backdrop can be placed on a rectangular gun-metal base that is included in the package. There are also two clear flight-stands included which attach to the base so you can pose the Skull and the Cap in an eternally clashing pose.

      4 stars by Henchmen4Hire

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