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Eddie Carr (Jurassic Park - Lost World) Review
Eddie Carr
Jurassic Park - Lost World (Kenner)Eddie Carr was the mechanic and operator of the machines taken by the Gatherers to Site B.

Carr stands at 5 inches and comes with two things making him one of the more simple figures of the series. He comes with a capture claw weapon and a Trike hatchling. The capture claw is your typical shot weapon. Stick it into his hand, load dart, fire. One nice thing is that the dart is attached to a string which is then attached to the gun allowing him to "reel in" the prey. The Trike hatchling is sculpted in a moving cautiously position or a scared pose.

Carr's paintjob is pretty good, though again not movie accurate. He comes wearing tan safari gear with green shoulders. Around his neck he has a pair of glasses painted brown as are his boots and hat. The gun is painted grey with the reel and dart being yellow. The Trike is a dark green with a black stripe down its back.

Again, standard articulation, head, arms and legs. The hatchling is again devoid of any type of movement and is stuck in its pose.

One of the more simple figures but still good. He adds more to the Gatherers small party and, in my opinion, looks better then his movie character.

      4.75 stars by Mr-X

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