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Ian Malcolm (Jurassic Park - Lost World) Review
Ian Malcolm
Jurassic Park - Lost World (Kenner)While majority of the humans from the JP lines were nowhere close to looking like their movie counterparts, the Malcolm figures were always much closer then most figures, except for the Chaos Effect figure but thats another review. I suppose this is due to how simple his character is. All they really had to do was put him in all black and there ya go, Ian Malcolm. For the JPLW line, one figure was made but with a variant. You could either get him with long hair like in the first movie or with shorter hair like in the Lost World. Neither of which really effect the figure itself, both hairs are sculpted nicely and don't hinder the figure in any way.

The Malcolm figure in this review comes at about 5 inches tall. He comes with one weapon and the hatchling, both of which are pretty much standard for any basic human figure. His weapon of choice is incredibly odd, out of place on many levels. This weapon is a smart missile. Why he would take a backpack launched rocket on safari who knows. I think I would rather have some short of auto weapon but anyhow its what hes got. Its launcher is simple: its a backpack launcher. The pack attaches to him via a C-clip that clips to his waist and attaches quite well, it isn't loose and it stays on while having the ability to be taken off easily. The missile is then put into the launcher facing up with the "wings" pointed down towards the ground. You can then pull the switch on the bottom which fires the missile. As soon as the missile fires the wings spring back to an open position. Again and odd weapon, even for the JP series but it works and since there is no peg hole in his back he can still look good even if you discard the pack.

His color is you typical Ian Malcolm color:black. Hes wearing a black short sleeve shirt and black pants. On his hands he's wearing black tactical gloves and black cowboy boots on his feet. Both hair variants are black along with the shades on his face. The backpack launcher is red with the C-clip, lever and lock being black. The missile itself is red but the bottom part thats fed into the launcher is black. His rex hatchling is an intresting color, another almost out of place thing. Its a very light color almost like a pale purple and has a green stripe down its back. Its posed in what looks like a curious stance or a just kinda standing there pose.

Articulation is the norm head, shoulders and legs. The rex has no movement.

A cool figure and is actually close to his movie character, no matter what hair variant. A good figure that gets a five out of five from me.

      5 stars by Mr-X

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