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Ajay (Big Game Stalker) (Jurassic Park - Lost World) Review
Ajay (Big Game Stalker)
Jurassic Park - Lost World (Kenner)Ajay is a great figure IMO and as such he will be given 5 stars.he isnt too like his onscreen counterpart but his head sculpt sure hits the mark.his outfit is good and adds to the overall look of the figure.also makes up a nice group with Ludlow,Tembo and Stark

he also comes with interesting weaponry and looks great with any of the TLW vehicles.highly recommended although he can be hard to come by.it took me quite some time to get one on a website.also online stores seem to charge higher for him suggesting there is indeed less of Ajay around than say Ian Malcolm.

recommended from this JP fan

      5 stars by JOKERFC

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