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Steel (Superman - Man of Steel) Review
Superman - Man of Steel (Kenner)John Henry Irons was one of the four replacement Supermen that appeared shortly after Superman's apparent death battling the alien monster Doomsday and one of the two not claiming to be the original Superman back from the dead. John Irons, known as the Man of Steel by the media, used a suit of powered armor to defend Metropolis in Superman's place.

After the real Superman's resurrection John Henry Irons took the Steel and continued to fight along side Superman as one of his most trusted allies.

I ordered this guy over the internet loose but I had bought loose figures from the same guy before and they were always in pretty good condition save a few nicks or scraps here and there. It arrived timely and was packed away in shredded magazine pages. I...I think one of them was and old Playboy. After a very thorough washing, I got a good look at this guy.

Man of Steel, Steel is a little taller than the Superboy from this line and has seven points of articulation. Steel's hips, shoulders and head are swivel joints. Steel's right arm is a loosely connected hinge. His waist could best be summed up as a spring loaded swivel joint.

You push back on Steel's left side while holding onto his legs and then release the toy. Steel will spin forward and his right arm, if it is raised and cocked back, will lurch forward.

Steel's left arm is pulled back and has the palm facing upwards. You can put the hammer in his right hand and then push the right arm's hinge back and put the hammer in his open hand. When the toy's action feature is used, the hammer will swing forward with the arm.

Steel is predictable dull colored with only minimal variation
in his color scheme. I can see swirls in his jet boots from the plastic warping. This could mean that the plastic will degrade faster than other toys. The cape can be attached to his back by the use of a simple peg and hole system common for Superman toys of the era. Like always, be careful with the pegs as they tear easily.

I received his cape and hammer, but not that thing you see behind it in the picture, so I have no idea what the heck that is supposed to be.

Over all, Steel gets four and a half stars out of five.

      4.5 stars by Collector1

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