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Rodimus (Transformers - Energon) Review
Transformers - Energon (Hasbro)Though a bot that desires peace above all else, Rodimus is still a force to be reckoned with on the fields of battle. A brilliant military strategist, Rodimus can turn the tables of even the most hopeless situations.

Energon Rodimus is a homage to the Generation One Transformer Hot Rod and Rodimus Prime, combining elements of his two forms into a single robot. Rodimus transforms into a Cybertronian truck painted with golden flames. Transforming Rodimus from vehicle to robot mode can be rather difficult, but with enough practice, it becomes rather easy.

The back of his truck mode transforms into his arms and the rear set of wheels act as his shoulder pads. The jet thrusters simply flip over to reveal his hands. The front end of Rodimus' vehicle mode transforms into his lower body with the windbreaker at the top of the cab forming his feet and the grill becoming his knee guards. Rodimus' fire cannon can attach to his rear fender and act as a mounted gun. Rodimus can also form either the upper body or the lower body of a robot when combined with another mega-class transformer from the Energon toy line.

Because of Rodimus' considerable bulk in robot mode, posing him is quite the challenge, a puzzle all its own really. Especially trying not to pinch your fingers in one of his joints. That really freaking hurts! His head also seems unusually small for his body, kind of like a marble glued on top of a baseball.

Over all, Energon Rodimus gets four and a half stars out of five

      4.5 stars by Collector1

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