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Land Military Team (Transformers - Armada) Review
Land Military Team
Transformers - Armada (Hasbro)The Land Military Team are the most skilled fighters and soilders ever to come out of the Minicon race. Each one of them has incredible power and a brilliant military mind to aid them and lead their allies to victory. Thankfully, they have chosen to side with the Autobots. For now at least. The Land Military Team consists of Bonecrusher, Knock Out, and Wreckage. This review will dedicate a subsection to each of these Minicon soilders, starting with Binecrusher.

Bonecrusher is the strong silent type. The really strong silent type. The most he ever says is a few grunts or growls in response to a question. But Bonecrusher is not stupid, he just does not like to talk, prefering to be on a mission kicking Decepticon can. Suprisingly, Bonecrusher is actually quite gentle and caring about small, fuzzy creatures which he has a strange fondness for. Bonecrusher transforms into a crane truck with a pressure firing missle in the crane. In robot mode, the crane becomes his right arm. The connection between the crane arm and the body is pretty loose, so the arm sags a lot. His color scheme is black, red, and gray.

Knock Out is a talkative little bot and usually acts as the voice for the Land Military Team, but is far from in charage. Complaining and whining are his favorite pass times and would just like to kickback with a glass of chilled Energon. But when the heats on, his mind is always on keeping his friends and teammates safe. Knock Out transforms into an orange APC, Armored Personnel Carrier, and weilds a spring loaded missle launcher which slings over his shoulder in robot mode. The missle is fired by pressing a button on the back of the weapon. Knock Out falls over a lot due to the heavy cannon on his shoulder so I would find some way to releve some of the weight. Knock Out's color scheme is yellow and red.

Wreckage leads the Land Military Team, using his brilliant mind and over welling fire power to blow away any enemies that stand in his way. One of the best at planing and fighting, Wreckage is not one to be underestimated in any situation. Wreckage has never let the Land Military team take one side for too long, battling alongside which faction best suits his needs at the momment. However, as the Great War rages on, he may soon be forced to pick a side or be destroyed. Wreckage transforms into a twin barrled tank with pressure firing missiles. The gun barrles form him arms in robot mode. Wreckage is actually fairly well balanced and the arms can be used to give him added support if he does need it. His color scheme is blue, green, and red.

Over all, the Land Military Minicon Team gets four and a half stars out of five. Over all, a great buy with some cool little bots for a cheap price.

      4.5 stars by Collector1

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