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Soundwave (Transformers - Animated) Review
Transformers - Animated (Hasbro)Cold, logical, and without mercy for his former organic "masters", Soundwave stands proud among the Decepticon ranks! Soundwave uses a van altmode which resembles a custom Scion xB. His vehicle mode is about four and a half inches in length, so he can fit in the palm of your hand pretty easily. Molded from navy blue plastic with the detailing done with blue-green paint.

The front windshield and driver and passenger side windows are made of dark black or blue translucent plastic, though it is more difficult to tell with the driver and passenger side windows than with the back and windshield. The Decepticon symbol is painted on the right side of his hood in bronze. The wheels are pretty standard fair for car mode Transformers.

Unlike Grimlock, Soundwave's transformation is rather tricky. Starting from vehicle mode, pull apart the hood and top of the car. Then, pull out what would be the rear door, simultaneously freeing the very back of the car. Pull apart and push down the read of the car until both the black bars that connect it to the main body are even. Flip the rear wheels to the side, following its hinge. Pull down on the rear doors, making it extend.

Inside the arms, you will find a cavity with a pair of flat hands folded inside. using the small tab on the hands, flip them out. The hinge on his chest should be obvious, so just flip that up showing the Decepticon symbol painted on black translucent plastic.

Finally, give it a good shove upward so that the hinge on the back raises his chest. Now, back to the legs. The gold painted part of the former front end are to be flipped inward. Using the new area that's been opened up, flip the car front parts up so that the car top, the inside made of gold plastic facing downward.

Turn the waist around one hundred-eighty degrees, following suit with the shins. Push the car top's up so that they form the feet.

Finally, reach into the space in the "backpack" and pull down the latch to reveal the head. The robot mode stands five and a half inches tall.

Soundwave has numerous points of articulation, allowing for some impressive posing and stances. Fairly accurate to the show model, he still requires some paint application to be completely faithful.

The Flying V Guitar is superbly detailed with six strings sculpted on the base, five grooves simulating strings on the neck and three strings leading up on both split heads. The transformation is simple enough.

Just push down on the top so that the neck collapses down into itself. Finally, upon up the base and push them as far back as they could to form the wings and Laserbeak is ready to soar. Laserbeaks head is excellently done, but some red and silver paint would be perfect to top it off and bring out some more detail.

In beast mode, Laserbeak can perch on Soundwave's arms. In Guitar Mode, the tuner knobs and the screw holes in Soundwave's forearms are perfectly made for clicking together to make it look like Soundwave is strumming the guitar. It brings a tear to my eye.

Overall, Soundwave and Laserbeak get a combined score of four and a half stars!

      4.5 stars by Collector1

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